Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Don’t steal my paper, please

We all know you can buy a term paper online if you really want to. You risk getting caught (and these days more and more students are getting caught) and you have to live with violating the academic code of integrity on your conscience. But you can do it.

What most of us don’t know is that the paper that you spent hours writing, citing all quotes perfectly for and got an A on may now be available online for purchase without your consent or knowledge.

According to an article last month in USAToday, “with few exceptions, and for a variety of practical and legal reasons, term-paper mills have mostly managed to stay out of legal trouble, says Stetson University School of Law Dean Darby Dickerson. She notes in a Villanova Law Review article that cheating and plagiarism ‘are as common on college campuses as dirty laundry and beer.’

“Now though, a class-action lawsuit working its way through a U.S. District Court in Illinois could provide a road map for those who find their work online without their authorization. The judge has found a provider liable on six counts, including copyright infringement, unfair competition and other fraud-related claims.”

All I know is this. If I find one of my term papers on a web site for sale (now or in 20 years) and I didn’t give permission for it to be there, there had better be a legal remedy. So I hope this case in Illinois becomes a model for the nation. If you want to cheat or help someone cheat, that’s your thing and your risk. Don’t drag me into it.

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