Battle of 33rd Street

After a one-year hiatus, the Battle of 33rd Street is back Saturday afternoon, as Penn takes on Drexel. The last time the two teams played was in November 2010. The West Philly rivalry returns with the hopes to pack the Palestra. To get the hype up, "Dac Pack films" — the Dac Pack being Drexel's equivalent of the Red and Blue Crew — made a promotional video with the two student groups along with Drexel and Penn Athletics. The Quaker vs. Mario rivalry is seen below along with students from the respective schools.

Saturday. Penn-Harvard. Blarney Stone.

While my co-editors Mike Wisniewski and Sushaan Modi are traveling the lovely roads of New England this weekend, I'm holding down the fort in Philadelphia. And though I hate to miss an Ivy roadtrip, I'm happy I can stick around University City to catch the Penn-Harvard game Saturday night on ESPN3. But of course, what's a big game without our friends at the Blarney Stone? The Stone and the Red and Blue Crew have teamed up to present a viewing party for all Saturday night.

Blarney will have tons of great specials, giveaways, prizes "and more!" Not sure what that entails, but it will definitely be a great time. 18 to enter, 21 to drink.

Don't forget to catch Wiz & Sush on the liveblog tonight at 7 at Dartmouth, and follow along Saturday night as well. Join the conversation!

Find the Hawk!

In preparation for Saturday's final Big 5 matchup with St. Joe's, The Red and Blue Crew and Penn Athletics have teamed up to bring you a fun competition.

The St. Joe's Hawk can be found in different places around campus each day through Friday. If you see it, snap a pic and send it to, and you may win free tickets or other great prizes. Read last year's DP story on the Hawks mascot here, and check out the poster below (which has been updated from this morning's post).

Red and Blue Crew wants you to come to Columbia


Have you ever been in an underground gym before? Now is your chance! The Red and Blue Crew will be making a day trip to New York this Friday to watch the Quakers open Ivy League play against Columbia. And they want you to come.

The fan section will be taking Bolt Bus up the turnpike Friday afternoon and returning late after the game, "so you can still make it back in time to enjoy the rest of your night (and for the important part of rush, if that's a problem)," according to an email from the RBC.

Here's more from the Crew:

The Red and Blue Crew invites you to join us in traveling to New York City this Friday, January 13, to cheer on our men's basketball team as they take on the Columbia Lions at 7:00pm.  This is our first Ivy League game of the season, and it will take place in Columbia's underground Levien Gym.

Remember, the Ivy League has no conference postseason.  So, Friday marks the beginning of our 14-game playoff, whose prize is a trip to the Big Dance.  All the more reason to come support the team!

We will be taking the Bolt Bus from 30th Street Station sometime between 1:00 and 3:15, depending on demand, so let us know what times work best for you....

So, to summarize, come out, convince some friends to join you, get rowdy, and let all of your end-of-break frustrations out on Columbia's players, fans, and embarrassing gym as we earn our first Ivy win of the season!

Here's a link to the facebook event for those interested.

Come watch Penn basketball vs. UCLA at The Blarney Stone

Do you get Fox Sports West? We don't. So we're heading to The Blarney Stone (official sponsor of DP Sports Liveblogs) tonight to watch Penn basketball take on UCLA.

The Stone is setting us up in the back room to watch the Quakers on the big screen, and we'll be there with the Red and Blue Crew for tip-off at 7 P.M, so come all ye loyal classmen now. If you can't make it out, we'll also be liveblogging the game right here on the Buzz.

Here's a message from the RBC:

The Red and Blue Crew invites you to watch the Penn Quakers take on the UCLA Bruins tonight at 7:00 p.m. at The Blarney Stone. We will be taking over the back room for a Viewing Party/Study Break/Winter Formal like never before (we were kidding about the Winter Formal part, no need to dress up). Take a break from studying, have some dinner, and enjoy the game!
All Ages Welcome! No need to worry, if your ID always gets turned down at the door, or you don't have an ID, you still can come! Anyone is welcome to come by and watch the game and order dinner, but you must have a 21+ ID to drink.

You need to eat! So come by and have dinner with us and watch the game!
You need to relieve your stress! So come by and cheer on the Quakers with us!
See you there, 7:00 p.m. at The Blarney Stone.


Olé Olé Olé Rosen Olé Rosen

Say what you will about their first round of roll-outs, the Red and Blue Crew has had something of a creative renaissance this year.

If you've been to one of Penn men's basketball's three homegames this season (odds are decent) and seen senior point guard Zack Rosen hit a three (odds are extremely high) than you've heard the RBC's new chant 'Olé Rosen' set to the popular spanish soccer cheer.

Sophomore Red and Blue Crew member Andrew Wynne explains how he came up with the cheer that's quickly becoming a staple of their repertoire:

"When I was a little kid — I'm a Phillies fan — and whenever they would play the Mets, their fans would do 'Jose, Jose, Jose Jose' [to the tune of the Olé cheer] whenever Jose Reyes got on base. I was like, 'that's fun, but I wish he was on our team.' So I was like, 'Rosen's got a two-syllable last name, let's translate that over."

With Rosen knocking down threes in droves early this season, Wynne has had ample opportunities to try out the cheer. He says he's got a few more in the works.

"Before this season, I thought we need some more player-specific chants, so that was the first one we're testing out. I have another coming up for Miles Cartwright off his nickname Mizzo. The idea is to have more chants that if you walk in and have never been here before, you can pick up easily."

Though the Mizzo cheer hasn't made its Palestra debut yet, during Penn's win over Robert Morris last weekend, Cartwright was visibly responding to and encouraging the cheers from the Red and Blue Crew. Rosen, however, hadn't quite noticed the chanting directed his way.

" I didn’t, but some of the other guys heard it," he said of his teammates. "They think it's funny."

Wynne just hopes the team can feed off the crowd's energy more.

"That's what I'm looking for, to engage more of the players, be specific so they really understand. On a person by person basis we've been much louder as a whole, hopefully we can maintain that once we get more people during Ivy games."

Both Rosen and Wynne said regardless of how vocal fans are, they're hoping to get more students to come down to games as the season picks up. Wynne said he's trying to work with Penn Athletics administrators on some initiatives to get students out for particularly big games, such as the matchups with defending Ivy League champions Princeton and Harvard.

Until then though, he's still working on his stock of chants. He said he's thinking about putting Tyler Bernardini's name to the bass line from the White Stripe's 'Seven Nation Army.

"I think he's got a chance."

The Line is still coming

nethatWith The Line fast approaching, the Red and Blue Crew is out trying to drum up support for its biggest event of the year.

Today they were out on Locust Walk in front of Steiny-D with a basketball hoop, handing out prizes to anyone who could make a shot. The giveaway? These ridiculous net-hats with a Penn logo. Because when it's cold outside, I want a novelty hat of very loose mesh. Thanks, Penn Athletics!

Jokes aside, my man Kevin Esteves gave a good outlook of the annual event in his DP article today, talking to men's basketball captain Zack Rosen, who has been an outspoken leader in terms of trying to get students interested in athletics.

“We play Friday, Saturday night in the Ivy League — a lot of the campus doesn’t know that," Rosen said. "[Getting a good turnout] would be a major start in the right direction.”

Football viewing party hosted by DP Sports & The Red and Blue Crew

FBadEver watched a Penn football game on campus and thought, 'I could use a frosty beverage,' or 'Man, I could go for a hot dog,' or the ever popular 'I wish there were some sportswriters here...'?

Well finally you can realize one, two or all three of those desires, as DP Sports and the Red and Blue Crew are throwing a viewing party at Smokes for Penn football's game Saturday at Columbia.

The Quakers will play their first of three games on Versus this Saturday against the Lions and we want to get together with you and watch as the Red and Blue look to extend their Ivy winning streak to 17 games.

Come to Smokey Joe's starting at 3:00. Our classic campus watering hole will have the game on TV — as well as the Buzz's critically acclaimed live blog — and there will be food and drink specials galore. Just mention The Buzz. Meet the leaders of the Red and Blue Crew as well as your DP Sports staff. The RBC will have prizes and giveaways as well.

Best of all, all ages are welcome. Freshmen: that means if your ID always gets turned down at the door, you can finally see the inside of Smokes! Seniors: You can finally see what Smokes looks like in the light of day! Of course you must be 21+ to drink.

Check out the facebook event for more info and stop by Saturday afternoon!

An Ode to the Red and Blue Crew seniors

I was just forwarded this email that went out the Red and Blue Crew, which seems to be a fitting end to their careers as leaders in Penn basketball fandom. It's signed by "Magnum" and as you'll see, the author's contempt for Glen Miller is more than obvious. Enjoy:

Winning Isn't The Only Thing
Ode to the RBC seniors

Four-year home record: 23-31 (.425)
Four-year Big 5 record: 1-11 (.083)

By any statistical measure, we've seen the most depressing four years at the Palestra since our hallowed gym opened. This observation is an obvious one to any senior over 54 home games, and goes far beyond a crappy W-L record (or a shitty coach who drove the team into the ground). Player transfers, coaching upheavals, a student section on life support, and paltry attendance at home all happened under our watch. At almost any other mid-major, this general apathy wouldn't be taken so seriously. But this is Penn. We expected greatness (or at least competence) when we first set foot in the Palestra as freshmen, and assumed the championships would come just as easily as they had for every other class. That didn't happen and the reasons for which are more plentiful than students at the Palestra on a Friday night game against Columbia.

Glen Miller, three sick Cornell teams, recruits not panning out, Glen Miller, tons of players leaving, missed Cam Lewis dunks, Glen Miller, an unfortunate rash of injuries, Glen Miller, heartwrenching OT losses this season, Glen Miller...

However, we will enter the Palestra one final time as RBC leaders with our spirits (somewhat) high, enjoying the end of our fourth Penn basketball season. In spite of all the losing and negativity, the seniors have discovered a unique feeling of camaraderie in agony and anticipation that sets us apart from every Red and Blue Crew that has come before us. From our first game against Drexel, to the ESPN game against UNC, to the times when it was just 10 people in the student section against the Dartmouths and Browns, to the RBC revival this season...we've seen all the adversity the team went through and are closer to the players and more passionate fans for it. No front-running Penn fan of the championship years can claim that bond.

We will celebrate our senior players tonight, and they deserve it. Jack, Conor, Andreas, and maybe Darren should not be discouraged over a lack of Ivy banners in the careers. We will remember them as strong leaders who pulled the team out of a horrible season and put them on track to contend next season.

But we should also celebrate everything that we have done for the Palestra over four years. There was a leadership vacuum in the Red and Blue Crew after freshman year, and we jumped in to rapidly transform and rebuild our student section. First, it was a risky (and ultimately "successful") FGM blog that paradoxically led to us getting a voice in Penn Athletics. Then, it was our willingness to make rollouts when no one else would (they got much better this year, btw). Most importantly, it was the amount of time and energy we put into bring the rest of campus back into the Palestra. It was a very difficult responsibility, and much work remains for our returning leaders. But I thank all of the seniors who volunteered to help create change, not expecting any recognition or compensation.

So let's enjoy one final game tonight! While we would have loved to win in our four years, maybe what we did off the court for the Red and Blue Crew has made our Palestra experience that much more memorable. I leave you with a line I found on an soccer article, but is eloquently applicable to our four years in the Palestra.

"There's a certain charm to supporting a minnow, dreaming of glory and relishing the cohesion among fellow supporters fostered by the collective agony of waiting for that utopia."

Fight on,

P.S. Thanks to Pete for introducing me to Penn basketball freshman year.

Ballin’ Banner Contest Signs

Aside from Penn's comeback against a talented Harvard team, the unbelievable crowd was definitely a highlight. Though the fans didn't get to see a win, they did get one of the best Penn performances and all around games in years. Fans in the Red and Blue Crew brought signs for the DP's Ballin' Banner Contest, and I'm happy to post them below. (Credit to Senior Photographer Pete Lodato for the great shots)

In third place, we have this gem of a mom joke...

Dirty recruiting

Along similar lines, in second, we have this punny RBC rollout:


And in first place, the Red and Blue Crew's Jayson Weingarten, with this slam dunk:


And now for some honorable mentions after the jump.

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