Greatest Quakers of the Last 50 Years

Jack Scheuer over at Philahoops is choosing the five best players from each of the City 6 schools over the past 50 years as part of an ongoing feature, and now he's gotten to Penn. Here's what he came up with:

1. Corky Calhoun

2. Ron Haigler

3. Keven McDonald

4. Jerome Allen

5. Zack Rosen

Interesting to see Matt Maloney left off, and Quaker fans who only remember the last 20 years or so will also have a soft spot for Ugonna Onyekwe, Matt Langel and Mark Zoller. Those who can remember a little further back may consider Tony Price or even Stan Pawlak as well, not to mention Mr. Bilsky himself. Who are your top five Quakers of the past 50 years?


Temple-Penn connections

Today's DP had an article by Kevin Esteves about Penn's connections to various NCAA tournament-bound teams, as well as a column by Brian Kotloff with a little advice on who to root for in the tourney.

As Penn fans know, the closest connection to the Big Dance — both geographically and not — is Temple's Fran Dunphy, who coached the Quakers until 2006, when he took them to the tournament. And as Brian mentioned, Dunphy's staff is a collection of Penn guys. There's assistant Shawn Trice, classmate and close friend of Jerome Allen, Matt Langel, Class of 2000, and Dave Duke, who assisted Dunph at Penn before he the two hopped for North side of town.

Dunphy and his staff are by all accounts accomplished — he's at 417 wins all time, won the Big 5 last year and won the Atlantic 10 championship in 2008 — but his record in the post season, 1-12, is quite the opposite. Penn hoops historians will remember the one win came with Allen and Trice in 1994.

My man Dave Zeitlin wrote a piece about the former Quakers and their quest for postseason success for the Penn Gazette Sports blog, in which Shawn Trice tells it like it is:

“At heart, we are Penn guys. But we do everything we can to help Temple be the best they can be.”

And while I'm on a hot streak of finding great pictures today, here's one of Trice from Zeitlin's post: