The Weekly Splash

Though we didn’t have any meets or stay in any ghostly hotels, we were haunted by a very intense week of training that seemed to drag on forever.

Our season is coming to a close in the near future, so this is the time to get in some of our last hard work outs before we begin to rest for Ivies.  Tensions are running high as both the men and women await the announcement of the 18 individuals on either team who will be members of the championship team.

However, some swimmers have nothing to fear.  On the men’s side, freshman Charlie Carr, who is from my hometown (Brewster, NY), just secured his spot on the Ivy team. #Brewsterpride

Carr is now diving in addition to swimming, and since there are only two divers besides Carr and three Ivy spots for divers, he is secure in his position.  Such a diverse athlete - he came here to run, then decided to walk on to the swim team, and is now going to be diving as well.

Other current controversies include the struggles of freshman trying to balance Greek life and athletics.  While this is much easier for the women whose pledging is less intensive, it is nearly impossible for the freshman boys to pledge a frat.  Not wanting to jeopardize a spot on the Ivy team, no men decided to go Greek this year.  However, two of our freshman girls are giving it a shot!

Finally, everyone should check out the event that Penn’s Athletics Eco-Reps and Wharton’s Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership are hosting with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).  It will be on Tuesday, Jan. 29, at 6pm in Bodek Lounge at Houston Hall.  Speakers will endorse more eco-friendly management of athletic facilities and the role of athletes in this process.