30 Seconds with … Fran Dougherty

In anticipation of Fran Dougherty's return to the Penn lineup after an eight-game absence due to mononucleosis, we bring you 30 seconds with the Franimal in a rapid-fire discussion of yachts, nicknames, hypothetical biopics and more.

Do you play a musical instrument?
Yes, I do.

What instrument?

You've been give a yacht. What will you name it?
The Voyager.

Favorite class you've taken at Penn?
Environmental case studies.

If you could win any award, what would it be?
Probably the Nobel Peace Prize.

Best nickname you've ever been given?
I'd have to say "Fat Fran" from Tyler Bernardini.

If a biographical film was made about your life, who would you want to play the role of you?
I'd want Jim Carrey.

30 Seconds With… Greg Van Roten

Greg Van Roten (left) originally signed with the Packers practice squad but has since been moved to the active roster.

Those who watched the Giants crush the Packers on Sunday Night Football this week may have caught a glimpse of former Penn football player and current Green Bay Packers offensive lineman Greg Van Roten. As we wrote two weeks ago, the 2011 grad currently serves as a backup center and guard and is taking practice snaps with the first team (see story), but he's also been playing on special teams.

We took the time to question Van Roten on some of non-Packers questions in this edition of 30 Seconds With:

Do you have Aaron Rodgers’ cell phone number?
No, I don’t think anybody has that.

Best food in Green Bay?
Cheese Cake Heaven. We all go there for the sandwiches, but they’re famous for dessert.

What do you miss most about Penn?
Where do I start? All my friends mostly, but also being in a city like Philly. Never thought I’d say that, but it’s true. I miss Philly.

Best dancer on the team?
Donald Driver, he won Dancing with the Stars.

Tim Tebow or Mark Sanchez?
Ha, neither.

30 seconds with FB captain Greg Van Roten

If Senior football captain Greg Van Roten had a sandwich named after him, what would be on it?

Click here to find out in our video edition of '30 seconds with.'

30 seconds with Justine Payne

From time to time we like to stop and chat with Penn Athletes about things other than sports — what they're studying, who's on their iPod, favorite pickup lines, etc. This week's featured athlete for our '30 seconds with' feature is second baseman Justine Payne of the softball team. Alex Siegel is our man on the streets:


30 Seconds with Jerome Allen

As an addition to our regular print series 30 Seconds With... our man on the street Alex Siegel caught up with men's basketball coach Jerome Allen this week and shot an extended video for your viewing pleasure. This one's a can't miss: