Haiku Corner

Long mediocre,
long-suffering, women's hoops
are chasing Tigers.
                                                                                                                                                            Crimson is just a
color. We lose to the red
and stomp on the green?
                                                                                                                                                    Kidd-Gilchrist lost to
MJ 'cause he's still the best.
Let's go watch Space Jam.

Haiku Corner

Nothing in the world
Strengthens a triceps greater
Than Ray's antler spray

Life's biggest question
Is who we want to emerge
victor: Jim or John?

We're 3-15
But Columb'ia ain't no Princeton
Ancient Eight? Let's go.

Mike Wisniewski co-wrote this week's haikus.


Haiku Corner

The lovechild of a                                                                                                                              T-Rex and a cheetah:                                                                                                               Colin Kaepernick
                                                                                                                                                            Locked in the basement                                                                                                           Quakers' only thought: "oh crap,                                                                                                     we're playing Temple"
                                                                                                                                                  Jerome lies in wait                                                                                                                              for the day he can finally                                                                                                              grow a Dunphy 'stache
                                                                                                                                                       No Giroux, no Schenn                                                                                                                         no Hartsy could dent the big                                                                                                     brick wall of Brodeur

Haiku Corner

In the Palestra                                                                                                                                  I find myself blistering                                                                                                                 under Jerome's stare

Thick as a foxtail                                                                                                                       bristling with promise, Scott                                                                                                     Hartnell's lockout beard

The Cooperstown votes                                                                                                           return, and in his study                                                                                                                    Pete Rose chuckles, once.

30 Seconds With… Greg Van Roten

Greg Van Roten (left) originally signed with the Packers practice squad but has since been moved to the active roster.

Those who watched the Giants crush the Packers on Sunday Night Football this week may have caught a glimpse of former Penn football player and current Green Bay Packers offensive lineman Greg Van Roten. As we wrote two weeks ago, the 2011 grad currently serves as a backup center and guard and is taking practice snaps with the first team (see story), but he's also been playing on special teams.

We took the time to question Van Roten on some of non-Packers questions in this edition of 30 Seconds With:

Do you have Aaron Rodgers’ cell phone number?
No, I don’t think anybody has that.

Best food in Green Bay?
Cheese Cake Heaven. We all go there for the sandwiches, but they’re famous for dessert.

What do you miss most about Penn?
Where do I start? All my friends mostly, but also being in a city like Philly. Never thought I’d say that, but it’s true. I miss Philly.

Best dancer on the team?
Donald Driver, he won Dancing with the Stars.

Tim Tebow or Mark Sanchez?
Ha, neither.

Allen, Ivy coaches talk basketball on preseason teleconference

It's time to start looking ahead to basketball season.

In his ten-minute slot on the annual Ivy League preseason basketball teleconference, Jerome Allen talked impressive freshman, major senior losses and coaching staff changes, but the buzzword of the day was "depth."

"We'll be a much deeper team coming off the bench this year," Allen said. "We have size, athleticism and drive that I haven't seen since my first year here."

Allen cited the four freshman as a major part of that depth and drive.

"All four of them are proud to wear the Penn jersey," he said.

Allen didn't dwell on the loss of impact seniors like Zack Rosen, Tyler Bernardini and Rob Belcore, but instead stressed the opportunities for players like Miles Cartwright to step up and make a statement for themselves.

"I'm not asking Miles to step up and be the next Zack. I'm asking him to step up and be the next Miles," Allen said.

Finally, Allen talked coaching staff changes, wishing former Penn assistant Mike Martin all the best at Brown and expressing his excitement about his new assistants Ira Bowman, Scott Pera and Jason Polykoff.

The Quakers, according to Allen, have everything going for them this year--they'll just need to "put it all together, and let the chips fall where they may."

WR Joe Holder breaks fibula in William & Mary game

Update (Sun, Oct. 7, 10:20 PM): Holder told me it's actually his fibula that is broken, not the tibia. A broken tibia would mean no chance of a comeback, but a fibula break gives him a chance at a comeback. - Megan Soisson

Penn wide receiver Joe Holder broke his tibia in Saturday's 34-28 loss to William & Mary, and he's likely out for the season.

Early in the fourth quarter, quarterback Andrew Holland launched a pass intended for Holder, but the pass went wide and Holder went down on the play. He hobbled off the field and did not return to the game.

Al Bagnoli announced in the postgame press conference that he broke his ankle, but in fact Holder broke his tibia.

Holder stayed confident though, and tweeted this after the game:

Green Bay Packers sign Greg Van Roten

Three-time All-Ivy offensive lineman and recent graduate Greg Van Roten has signed a free agent contract with the Green Bay Packers.

Van Roten will attend the Packers training camp, which runs from Thursday, July 26, to Tuesday, August 28, and includes preseason games against the San Diego Chargers, the Cleveland Browns, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Though Van Roten will face unprecedented challenges to his capabilities on the field, his performance as a Quaker, particularly in his junior and senior seasons, certainly helped him impress NFL scouts on Penn’s Pro Day back in March.

On the Pro Day, at which Van Roten’s teammates Luke Nawrocki, Erik Rask and Matt Hamscher also participated, Van Roten put up numbers that were on par with results reported from the NFL Regional Combine hosted at the New York Jets facility.

In the 40-yard dash, Van Roten ran a 5.06 seconds, compared to the average combine time of 5.11 seconds. His vertical jump reached 34.5 inches, two inches better than the combine average of 32.5.

As a result of his Pro Day performance and stellar junior and senior seasons as a Quaker, Van Roten was invited to play at three NFL mini-camps in May. The invites came from the Chargers, the Jets and the Packers, and he chose to attend the San Diego and New York camps, as the Packers camp was the same weekend as the New York camp.

In his senior season, even despite his switch from tackle to guard midway through the season, Van Roten anchored the fifth-best offense in program history (2,284 total yards of offense).

Van Roten was also an All-Ivy honoree on the 2010 squad that had the highest rushing and scoring offense in the Ivy League. That year, the Red and Blue also finished with the sixth-best rushing attack in the FCS and the second-best rushing season in program history.

Van Roten finished his Penn career with a 28-12 record overall and a 23-5 Ivy League mark. The Class of 2012 won two Ivy titles and were just the third team ever to string together back-to-back undefeated Ivy seasons.