Tony Hicks honored with second straight Ivy League Rookie of the Week

Different week, same award.Tony Hicks

For the second consecutive week, Tony Hicks was named Ivy League Rookie of the Week after putting up a combined 47 points in Penn's two games against Dartmouth and Harvard over the weekend.

Hicks led all players in scoring for the third and fourth straight games. He put up 23 points on 7-for-14 shooting in Friday night's loss to Dartmouth. The freshman guard also went 6-for-6 from the free throw line and helped Penn take a lead late in the game.

On Saturday night, Hicks was instrumental in the Quakers' upset of then first-place Harvard, as he scored 24 points while dishing out five assists. Those assists helped fuel a strong game from fellow-freshman Darien Nelson-Henry, who added a career-high 20 points against the Crimson.

Hicks has now scored 95 points in the last two weekends for an average of 23.8 points per game. In Penn's 11 Ivy contests, he leads the Red and Blue with 15.6 points per contest.

16 thoughts on “Tony Hicks honored with second straight Ivy League Rookie of the Week

  1. well deserved. this young man can really play. he's a better shooter than Miles...extremely poised and more disciplined offensively than Miles...really has a knack for releasing shots in traffic with great touch. he's a helleva freshman.

    Another Tony Hicks in the next batch of recruits will really give the program a lift. Sorely needed, still, is a zone buster, like Harvard has. Would be a great weapon to have.

  2. Regarding incoming recruits, I've seen some footage of several of them. It's always tough to assess from this footage, especially if it's limited, as it was in some cases.

    Matt Howard appears to be the most impressive recruit. He looks pretty silky smooth, with encouraging shooting range, the capability of taking it to the hoop and finishing authoritatively, and with some nice athleticism. He seems like a pretty talented kid and a potentially excellent recruit.

    Bagtas looks like he's got some dynamism as a play-maker, but nothing startling in the highlights. His shot release is just terrible, and one has to wonder, with its horrendous hitch, if he'll be able to get it off against D-1 defenses. Difficult to assess him despite ample footage. Neither overwhelmed nor underwhelmed. He's a big question mark.

    On Dylan Jones--limited highlights, as my disabled flash player blocked my access to hi-lights from a 28-pt game. From the highlights I saw, nothing indications of explosive athleticism or striking mobility. I had hoped to see more signs of greater potential, but I saw little, and the little I saw was undistinguished. In contrast he had a teammate one wished was coming to Penn, who was extremely explosive with ridiculous hops. Of course, Penn did not recruit or land him.

    Could not find hi-lights of Winfield, Jr, whose numbers are just anemic and have to be of great concern, as they do not reflect a D-1 ready player.

  3. Hicks is a player. The honours are well-deserved. Some parts of his game remind me of Ibrahim Jabber, and Michael Jordan to a lesser extent.

    Moving forward, it will be interesting to track his development.

    Keep in mind the other two had Dunphy and his staff. Hicks has.... well, we know....

  4. I think we are all pretty clear who the gem of this batch is. The rest are all wild cards, with some more interest being focused on the PG just because we need one so badly. Sure would be nice to have the USC transfer Alexis Moore for next year. Oh well.

    As far as Jerome and his staff, again, you have to at least give them next year. If it doesn't go well then it's time to sound the alarms big time, but this season was about as unlucky as you could have when it comes to injuries and last minute coaching changes. I think we all agree that last year was pretty good considering...

  5. @Jeremy - Respectfully, I don't agree. Teams have injuries and other misfortunes such as suspensions, but the good ones work through them. Perhaps this is an old fashion notion, but "team" implies to me the entire roster rather than one or two individual players, even stars.

    One truly dispiriting aspect for this season has been the wide delta in the team's pattern of losses. Some games against lesser opponents appeared as though no one showed up, and the losses were by a wider range than fathomable. Contrast that with Harvard's losses, that were always close, with a team arguably as young as Penn's.

    If Penn's talent level is to be believed - and I earnestly (pun intended) hope so - than one could reasonably conclude:

    1) Last year's less talented, but led by one of our all-time greats Zack Rosen, team's accomplishments were a reflection on his on-court leadership and play, plus a modest supporting cast that mostly came through.

    2) A coaching staff that seemed to have its act together. I can't quantify what the effects have been of a completely new staff, but it may well need to have its own act far more together. For this assessment I'd defer to Wynne, Steve Becker, Ted, and FOJL (when in objective analytical mode).

  6. @Jeremy - What's the story re Alexis Moore and his transfer? I hope it wasn't due to another Penn retraction of an offer, as per the Florida high school QB prospect, or an Academic Index issue. Any feedback would be appreciated.

  7. Re Coaching

    It is clear that the shining star of this staff is Pera. He is a tactician and well respected in both the local area and on the WestCoast.

    Bowman and Polykoff are still new and raw to the role at this level

    Allen still appears to many as a fish out of water. Mind you, he was given the job by someone who thought he could handle it. This of course is the same guy who thought Miller would work out.

    BronzedOne is nobody's fool. Elevating Allen was a shrewd move. Should he not succeed-- He was available, cheap, and easily expendable Should he succeed -- he was a no-risk move worthy of an extension.

  8. @FOJL & DP Sports Reporters - Any of you have the story behind the Alexis Moore's DP reported transfer from USC to Penn and subsequent failure to do so? If previously reported, sorry I missed it, but it did look like a good get.

    FOJL, thanks for the coaching staff assessment.

  9. @Ernie, regarding "good teams work through [injuries, etc.]"

    It's important to accept that this Penn team isn't a "good team." That's not to say that they can't be good or that they won't be good—there's a bunch of obvious potential—just that this year, they're definitely not in that position. I guess this is what it's like to be a fan of an ordinary team with much less success historically.

    We all knew this year was going to be a struggle. Next year should be very telling. The strangely good news is that it's a lot less likely that our coaches are going to be hired by anyone else this offseason—yay continuity!

  10. Thanks, Jay - I'm not sure most Penn fans thought this team would be so ordinary or that the process would be such a struggle. That said, your observations seem spot on. Although, and this is not tailored for this response, but around the time of my undergrad years I heard an observation re another school's sports team re the absence of seniors to the effect "We had a lousy team, and they all came back." (True story)

    While I've come to accept virtually all Penn teams are ordinary and irrelevant even within Ivy races, I was sincerely hoping it hasn't come to that re rooting for Penn BB and FB. Yet, I fear you have it right. BTW - Do you know what happened re the afore mentioned Alexis Moore?

  11. He's playing JC basketball out in California and not exactly lighting it up. If he can't make it there he ain't making it here either.

  12. These are Mike James' of preseason Ivy projections. Mike utilizes a lot of statitical analysis in formulating his projections and of course he doesn't have the luxury of knowing which team will get lucky when the season rolls around with injuries:

    League Overall
    W L W L
    Princeton 12 2 21 7
    Harvard 9 5 16 12
    Columbia 8 6 17 11
    Cornell 8 6 15 14
    Penn 6 8 11 17
    Yale 6 8 12 17
    Brown 4 10 9 19
    Dartmouth 3 11 9 19

    Penn is finishing almost exactly where we were projected to finish.

    As for next year, everyone returns. Importantly, we should have someone who can play the small forward position from the mix of Harrell (injured), Esprit (injured) or Matt Howard (recruit).

    As for needs, that's one obvious one, but improved point guard play is a must. Jamal Lewis must take the next step forward. If not, look for Tony Bagtas to play a lot. People I talk to in the basketball world think he's pretty good. Shaka Smith, one of the brightest young coaches in the country, thinks Bagtas was not only underrecruited, but may in fact be the biggest steal in the entire Class of 2013. I think better days are ahead.

  13. @AsiaSunset - By any chance are you the same poster on I believe If so, let me say they were among the most thoughtful wrestling posts I ever read. And back then I gathered you were a Penn alum, yes?

  14. I post alot on the basketball and the Ivy sports boards. Don't really remember posting on the openmat. I've looked at that site occasionally but I can't remember posting and doubt I had anything profound to say about wrestling.

  15. Can somebody tell me the skinny on Dave Winfield, Jr?? How does a guy who averages scrub (bench) stats on a high school team merit a D-1 scholarship?

    I agree next season is a litmus test of the Allen regime. It's time to see some real returns. Players need to DEVELOP under the coaches. They need to develop demonstrably.

    For instance, Cameron Gunter seems to me to have really intriguing potential, yet we've seen to this point only short flashes of it. Why? Similarly, Greg Louis can jump through the roof, has some real mobility, and the semblance of a good mid-range jump-shooting form....what stops this kid from becoming a dynamic shot blocker and disruptive presence all over the floor? Nothing should stop him. He should be DEVELOPING under the Allen coaching staff. They recruited him to be a player; he's got some real athletic ability; now guide his POTENTIAL.

    I want to see some real player development under the Allen regime, on top of a steady dose of solid recruiting. This team has some pretty talented players. Jerome and staff--it's time to facilitate their growth!!!

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