Postgame presser: Jerome Allen and Paul Cormier

We spoke to head coaches Jerome Allen and Paul Cormier after Penn's 69-64 loss against Dartmouth. While a disappointed Allen said very little, Cormier was proud of his young team who pulled through at the end for the victory. On Tony Hicks, who scored 23 points tonight, Cormier said, “He’s someone we’re going to have to reckon with for the next three years, and quite frankly, I’m not looking forward to it.”

One thought on “Postgame presser: Jerome Allen and Paul Cormier

  1. You guys need to post Allen's failure to communicate about his team. I don't think people are aware of how Milleresque he has become in this dismal season. He needs to go talk to Dunphy and learn how to conduct himself as a head coach of a proud program, even when losing.

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