Haiku Corner

Long mediocre,
long-suffering, women's hoops
are chasing Tigers.
                                                                                                                                                            Crimson is just a
color. We lose to the red
and stomp on the green?
                                                                                                                                                    Kidd-Gilchrist lost to
MJ 'cause he's still the best.
Let's go watch Space Jam.

8 thoughts on “Haiku Corner

  1. Leave haiku to your poetry class and focus more on sports coverage. Where's the coverage of the Penn-Dartmouth game and here's another suggestion: have one of your crack sports writers do a piece on Coach Allen, what he thinks about the season, how he's handling the disappointment and growing chorus of skeptics surrounding his own regime, and his take on the freshman recruits and incoming ones?

    We don't need haiku on a sports blog. Really. It's ridiculous.

  2. I'm sorry, Steve. What did you say? I was too busy being inundated with swimming, wrestling and poetry to worry about the destruction of a top ten all-time NCAA basketball program. This must be what it's like following sports at Swarthmore.

  3. Mark,

    I'll bet we could still beat Swarthmore (at BB, not Haiku - word has it that their Haiku team is pretty good).

  4. Wonderful contributions and dialogue as always!

    Sadly, we still have yet to hear from Jonothon Tannenwald in quite some time

  5. @FOJL - Why are you still waiting for Tannenwald, who - by your own description of his nonsense in his own Philly outlet - has sunk to writing hack quality?

    I'm guessing your memory of his writing is comparable to your memory of Penn BB glory days - both are gone! So what's the point of waiting for him to contribute quality posts? It is akin to waiting for Penn BB to play up to its legacy.

    A sadder aspect of this is that DP sports reporters look up to him both in solidarity and as some form of paradigm sports reporter. He may have been; but now? Seriously?

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