The Weekly Splash

Although Dori from Finding Nemo tells us to “just keep swimming,” Winter Storm Nemo is what kept the Men’s team from swimming at Harvard on Saturday.  Since nearly all of the roads in Massachusetts were closed, the meet was postponed for a week.

This change in meet scheduling is adding some complications for our coaching staff.  Those swimmers who are not on the Ivy team will travel to the University of Virginia for an invitational meet, the boys on the Ivy team will travel to Harvard for a duel meet, and the women’s Ivy team will remain at Pottruck to train.  Luckily we have three coaches, one for each location!

One spot remains open on the each Ivy team – the final member of each squad will be chosen based on the performances at the UVA invite.  Based on what I am seeing at practice, it is going to be a tough decision!

One thought on “The Weekly Splash

  1. As always, a wonderful contribution from Ms Adelson

    She adds a nice perspective and the colour commentary is quite interesting.

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