5 thoughts on “DPOSTM Ivy Hoops Power Rankings: Feb. 12

  1. @DP Sports Editors - Respectfully, if you are casting stones, please check your comment above re Harvard; you might want to edit the spelling. Or not, what the heck!

  2. Ernie makes a valid point in his contribution. Hopefully this was an oversight and not the state of affairs re grammar

    Sadly, the 6 spot is still accurate for Penn. Team is too inconsistent to make a move higher. This lack of progress falls squarely on Allen. Hopefully it changes in the remaining games.

  3. @FOJL - Do you suppose this (non) response re grammar and the "Reply" counter the Sports Editors version of some sort of salute?

  4. EN - Fair question.

    I cannot speak for the CURRENT crop of Sports Editors.
    I will say this though -- the attention to detail and accuracy seemed better in the Fall than after the New Years.

    Perhaps there has been a slippage from Megan and her team to the current team with Mike Tony?

  5. @FOJL - The above could have been an understandable typo made at 12am or whatever taxing hour the editors have to work. It only jumped out because of the irony of its placement.

    What has been concerning is the sudden swings and shifts in opinion. Penn BB conjures a strong emotional quotient among DP sports reporters, and deservedly so. That's a tribute to the legacy of this once-great program. But the reporting has turned on a dime from adoration to morning-after disappointment. That's not particularly helpful and undermines credibility, as for example "KR" posted in response to John Phillips Feb 11 article.

    Recently, I've been impressed by DP sports turn to objective reporting. But with BB that objectivity reads more like disappointment in love. I know consistency may be the hobgoblin of small minds, but a modicum of it when reporting on Penn BB is not a bad thing.

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