Darien Nelson-Henry to play versus Harvard

I stopped by the Palestra today to check in with freshman Darien Nelson-Henry and his knee injury. During Friday's game against Yale, he injured his left knee in the first half and returned for limited action in the second. Saturday against Brown, Nelson-Henry was bandaged and ready to play, but didn't see any game action.

The verdict? Nelson-Henry called it a low-grade sprain of his left MCL. He's practicing this week and feels he'll be 100 percent for Harvard on Friday. Here's the full interview:

Do you have a diagnosis for your knee?

Yeah, it's just a sprained MCL. Low Grade 1, maybe Grade 2. Nothing serious.

And you're practicing this week?

Yeah, I am practicing this week. I'll be back for Harvard.

On Saturday, were you able to play and just taking a precaution?

It was mostly precautionary. I definitely was not going to be at 100 percent if I was to play, so the coaches just didn't want to chance it and have my injury exacerbated. So they just decided to sit me out and wait for this big weekend coming up.

So you're practicing [Monday], you're off tomorrow and you're all good?

Yeah, I'll be good to go.

Do you feel like you'll be 100 percent?

Yes, definitely. I'll definitely be 100 percent by Harvard.

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