Over/Under: St. Joe’s Edition

OverUnderPenn scoring 60 points: UNDER

The Hawks hold opponents to around 65 points per game, and the Quakers are not up to the quality of opponent that the Hawks have faced this season. St. Joe's faced off against Harvard early in the year and held the Crimson to 56 points in a 19-point victory, and no disrespect to the Red and Blue, but if Harvard had trouble putting up points, then odds are the Quakers will as well.

10 points per game for Tony Hicks: OVER

I think that, among other things, that this season hinges upon Tony Hicks' ability to put points on the board for the Quakers. If he finishes the year putting up 10 points per game, then the Quakers may be able to hang around in the Ivy League race.

Maybe it's my heart speaking and not my head, but I think he can do it. He's shown more aggressiveness of late, and anyone who has seen this team play knows that's what the Red and Blue need more than anything. I'm not saying that this will let the Quakers win the Ivy or anything, just that it will be a little more interesting.

10 minutes each for Dau Jok and PLP: OVER

Again, speaking with my heart rather than my head. Patrick Lucas-Perry isn't the biggest guy on the already-small Quakers, but he is what they need on offense. His shooting from the outside has kept Penn potent on offense when he's on the floor. His last second shot against NJIT gave the Quakers a much need win, and they have to at least give him more minutes and see what he can do.

The same goes for Dau Jok. His shooting number are on par with starter Steve Rennard's, but Jok gives the Quakers more than just the three-ball. His ability to rebound is something the Quakers need, and something that Rennard just can't give them.

Darien Nelson-Henry getting 10 rebounds: UNDER

Darien Nelson-Henry is going to be a force in the Ivy League for a long time, but he's not quite there yet on the defensive end. While he was able to rebound against NJIT, he'll have more difficulty against the larger Hawks.

He averages 8.28 rebounds per 40 minutes in general, and that number is inflated by the type of competition the Quakers have played in which Nelson-Henry has received a large quantity of minutes (Wagner, NJIT). It's no disrespect to Nelson-Henry. It's just a learning process.

A five-point loss for Penn: OVER

This one won't be close, folks. St. Joe's has played a tough schedule, and while they haven't won all of their games, the scores can been close. Two days ago, they went to overtime against a strong VCU team, beat Notre Dame at the start of the season, and have handled two Ivy League opponents that have played significantly better than Penn has this season.

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