Liveblog: Penn v. St. Joseph’s

Follow along as Penn men's hoops battles St. Joe's at the Palestra.

3 thoughts on “Liveblog: Penn v. St. Joseph’s

  1. I'd like to see a lineup of PLP, Hicks, Rennard, Fran, and DNH once Ivies really get going. PLP has consistently been better than Jamal Lewis and it's time for him to see a minutes boost. Try and energize Miles by bringing him off the bench. Team just looks so flat.

  2. My thought-process with rennard is that I really like him defensively and he does a much better job of closing down shooters than everyone else on the team. I also like the ability to bring Greg off the bench. Wouldn't have a problem with Greg starting against a bigger lineup though. Think he has shown good potential.

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