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  1. I've often felt badly for Penn men and women swimmers, squash players, rowers,, field hockey players being thoroughly outclassed when competing against the likes of Princeton and Harvard. It's not their fault they are not at the same skill level, and up against much better players.

    Tonight was the first time I ever felt that same sorry for a Penn BB team and Coach Allen. They looked lost and sad to say bad. Patience will still be the call, but a year from now I doubt if any of them will become consistent 3-point shooters, or play consistent team basketball. A couple of players are good 1-on-1 schoolyard players, but so what? I sincerely feel bad for them.

  2. Just curious. Did you feel bad for Coach Miller? I doubt it. This team has enough talent to have more than two wins. What has improved--which should be the criterion to judge a coach with such an inexperienced team?

  3. No, because: a) JA is a way nicer man; and b) he's one of Penn's greatest. As for team talent, I may not be the best judge. But clearly there is no dependable 3-point shooter, few who can play defense, and most just stand around, while a couple of guys are good playing 1-on-1 BB. That's what I saw tonight.

    BTW - Even though I think Harvard may be stronger than Princeton, note that Dartmouth was up by 1 point against them at half-time. Add that to the most recent DP Power Ranking, and this is by way of answering your degree of progress question. Midway during tonight's 2nd half, the announcer observed Penn would be doing great if they went 7-7 in the Ivies; I guess these days that's what progress looks like.

  4. Ernie,
    I'm not saying we would have won anyway, but Dougherty's absence was a huge factor tonight. I'm pretty sure it would have been a lot closer. It might have been more a matter of being out-sized, more than out-classed, tonight. And Princeton made their 3 pointers, and we didn't. Nothing new, especially at Jadwin; it is always a tough venue for a visiting team.

    But I also agree with Mark - THIS team should have more than 2 wins by now- maybe tonight wasn't one of the ones they should have won, but the lack of progress in some areas is concerning. On one hand, there has been some improvement in the rebounding, and Hicks is starting to emerge as a star, but the individual improvement by some of the players is not translating into overall team improvement yet, for some reason.
    Next year, starting with Game 1, there can be no more excuses.

  5. A nicer man and a great player? Wow. Are those reasons to hold him unaccountable for guys "standing around" or going one-on-one? He's the COACH.

  6. Wow! Maybe it's the lateness of the hour, but I don't believe I've made excuses for anyone, nor am I saying no one should be held accountable. And while I agree we have some players who look good at 1-on-1 BB, none are dependable shooters.

    Why haven't we had anyone in the past 7 or 8 years who can be depended on to hit open 3s? Princeton looks to have at least 2, and have had for several years. Our last dependable shooter was Matt Langel. BTW - One would think that recruiting classes rated "best" and 2nd best these past 2 years would have at least 1 shooter, no?

    Ted, is the call for patience till the Ivy season now adjusted for non-Princeton and Harvard Ivy season? Or are we into "wait till next year" territory?

  7. Ernie,
    The "call for patience" this year only applies to winning the Ivy championship. I did not expect such BEFORE the season started this year, and after the play so far, I certainly/obviously don't expect it now. I think Jerome needs to have the team show marked improvement by the end of this year (including against Princeton and Harvard), and bring home the championship next year. Those are my expectations - the team appears to have enough talent to meet them.

    As for this year, we need Fran Dougherty back quickly, and we need a point guard who can distribute the ball - especially to Tony Hicks. It looks to me like we can have a winning record in the Ivy this year, if the above two things occur -I think that's a realistic goal.

    Tell me if I'm wrong, but I thought that your issue all along has been the recruiting (or the perceived decline therein) in recent years. It appears that Jerome has gotten some good ones, now he has to get them to play together. So far, we have obviously been disappointed. We will re-assess at the end of this season - remember what happened with the football team this year.

  8. P.S. Ernie,
    Some adjustments on defense tonight might have thwarted some of those REALLY wide open 3's that Princeton was taking. They're easier to make when no one is guarding you.

  9. Allen Update

    He misses Martin immensely. The team is lacking leadership on and off the court.

    As the above contribution points out, the team does have enough talent to have more than two wins.

    Why is Allen unable to make them win?

    Mistakes from Nov and Dec are now still here in January
    The turnovers are alarming.
    The shot selections are rushed
    The defense seems slow to react
    The substitution patterns seem misguided.

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