Reports question whether Penn basketball suspensions due to alcohol

Yesterday we reported that a highly reputable source told the Daily Pennsylvanian that Miles Cartwright, Henry Brooks, Tony Hicks, Darien Nelson-Henry and Steve Rennard were all suspended for Penn basketball’s game at Delaware on Dec. 21 after failing random drug tests. Now the Daily Pennsylvanian is hearing from various sources that alcohol may have played a role in the suspensions.  Our original sources, though, maintain that positive drug tests triggered the suspensions.

However, alcohol is still a banned drug according to the NCAA Banned Drug List.   As reported yesterday, the Penn Athletics Compliance Office's 2012-13 Review of Rules and Regulations Governing Intercollegiate Athletics states that “those found to have used banned or street drugs "shall be declared ineligible for further participation in regular-season and postseason competition," but does not clarify whether this is a University or NCAA policy. The guide also states that “Student-athletes who abuse alcohol or who possess or consume alcohol illegally may have their eligibility suspended.”

Alcohol would constitute a drug violation that would force Penn to follow NCAA Bylaw 10.2, which, as noted yesterday, requires schools to follow their own institutional policies and protocols for drug violations if they have them. Penn Director of Athletic Communications Mike Mahoney told the Daily Pennsylvanian yesterday that the suspensions were coach Jerome Allen’s decision, and it is this NCAA Bylaw that would allow him the latitude to decide the penalty for the players’ use of banned drugs. Mahoney also neither contested nor confirmed yesterday’s report.

We’ll continue to report on the suspensions as more news breaks.

Megan Soisson also contributed to the writing and reporting in this article.

17 thoughts on “Reports question whether Penn basketball suspensions due to alcohol

  1. i don't want to further the speculation, but i don't understand the alcohol assumption either. personally, i'd be shocked if it isn't marijuana. stays in your system about a month and is something that could easily be tested for. wouldn't make this a big deal over alcohol.

  2. "Mahoney also neither contested nor confirmed yesterday’s report"

    Typical Mahoney -- rarely willing to put his neck out for anything. He is a company man through and through. If the Bronzed One asked him to go to the press box in Franklin Field and jump, he would do that in a heartbeat.

    Thanks Mike for the eye-opening quote.

  3. I would like to point out that alcohol is NOT a banned 'drug' Elton reviews what substances are banned EVERY year to th athletes and points out that if you are under 21 it's against the law. Also people need to get a damn life and get over this. The boys already know how much they messed up and Jerome is doing a great job punishing them. Do we really need to further investigate this. Megan your reporting ablut this issue is going to cause you to be highly disliked from the basketball team as well as every other athlete on campus. GET OVER IT PEOPLE and GET A LIFE! And leave these poor boys alone.

  4. Fake FOJL contribution 29 Dec 834pm.

    Interesting that others feel the need to emulate me, however those are not my comments.

  5. She quoted a source, Lizzy; that's what reporters do, and not worry who might be mad at her. No fan I know is blaming the kids for being kids. So they messed up; they've paid the penalty. But if the Coach didn't want rumors to fly, he could have stated what happened. And if he's "doing a great job, " then we need much higher standards, or at least a leader who takes some responsibility and doesn't always blame the players. Results count, Coach. YOU are 2-9.

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