Keelan Cairns leaving Penn for a semester-UPDATED

We've learned that sophomore forward Keelan Cairns has decided to leave Penn for a semester following an early-season stretch that has seen the Belfast, Ireland native struggle with back issues that have kept him from dressing.

We've also now learned that Cairns is headed home after exams and will stay home in Ireland for the spring semester. He is planning to have back surgery and will start his rehab over there.

Cairns plans to return at the start of summer for preseason and resume his Penn basketball career at that time.

It remains to be seen whether he plans on trying for a redshirt this season and picking up a fifth year of eligibility.

Cairns played nine total minutes for Penn last season before not seeing any playing time so far in 2012-13.

In October, we noted a blog post Cairns wrote for the Courtside Collective in which he admitted to considering surgery to shave off the bulging disc in his back and release the trapped nerve inhibiting him.


28 thoughts on “Keelan Cairns leaving Penn for a semester-UPDATED

  1. No loss. Never a factor. Gensler probably devastated as he had high hopes for this guy to become a dominant big man.
    His legacy: Another recruting "miss" by Penn MBB.

  2. Jeez, FOJL, how insensitive can you be?

    First of all, who knows how good he is or isn't as a teammate in practice and off the court? Second, it wasn't his decision to recruit himself, so any recruiting mishap is on the coaches, not Keelan himself. Even if you consider him a recruiting miss, it's not his own legacy. Third, this is a college student we're talking about, who's putting his formal education aside for a semester. He's not a professional athlete holding out for more money. This is a big deal, and no matter who it is or what the reason, it's always a big deal -- for him, his family, and the Penn community. Have some empathy.

    I'm sure there's a good reason why he's leaving, but I wish for Keelan a happy return to Penn, whether with the basketball program or not.

  3. Oh, FOJL, I said I would send you an autographed picture for your wall, maybe a lock of my hair, anything to quell this crazy obsession. With your unique ability to malign college students AND lie about my own thoughts about the program and its players, I have to think you should be looking toward a career in politics.

  4. FOJL, as always, you continue to be one classless individual. I concur with everything Jay said. We would do just fine on this site without you.

  5. Someone within the DP condones the "FOJL" and his rants. They should rethink their position and shut this person down and quickly. The insensitivity and personal attacks have gone on far too long.

  6. I never stated anything about young Cairns' health. I merely stated that he was never a factor for Penn.

    I did not address his heart, his character, his work ethic, his career aspirations, his health, or his future goals and career choices. I also never addressed his practice habits, his skills as a teammate, or the condition of his bulging disc

    Lets not overreact here to words that were not said.

  7. I might be in the minority here, but FOJL's remarks are being taken out of context. And even though I personally find him to be a major creep - he didn't imply any ill will to Cairns' well being

  8. Well, Cairns in 9 minutes scored more points for Penn than FOJL ever has or ever will. Let's hope he returns healthy and makes FOJL eat his words so we don't have to read them anymore.

  9. FOJL, you didn't "merely" state that he's not been a factor for Penn, what you said was, "who cares that he's leaving? He's never been a factor for Penn." In saying what you did and not saying what you didn't, you have certainly implied that his heart, character, work ethic, etc. have not been factors for Penn. Then, in saying that his legacy is that he's a recruiting miss, you're saying that he'll never be a factor on the court, completely writing off any future contribution he may make.

    It's specifically the words you didn't say, especially considering the ones you did, that make your remark so callous.

  10. I dont believe I said or implied "Who cares that he is leaving"?

    Regarding a legacy -- the recruiting failure clearly falls on those who thought he would be viable. Perhaps he does return as per the updated contribution.

  11. @ Howard "TaterTots" Gensler
    With all due respect, can you please clarify how I "malign" college students? You are prone to do so with your contributions in other forums. Some of your criticims about performance can also be construed as "maligning college students". Perhaps you should reconsider your remarks. Unless you are too consumed with Justin Bieber, Blake Lively and One Direction .

    That being said, I appreciate you coming out of hibernation and offering a contribution unlike some of your other "colleagues" at 801 Market Street who continue to be lapdogs for Penn Athletics in their writings. For that, I do thank you. Happy Hanukkah as well to you. Tell Jonothon to drop by sometime and actually participate here with the others.

  12. FOJL said that the departure of Cairns was no loss. Didn't make any mention of him returning, didn't say that he hopes that Cairns comes back as the next Jan Fikiel, didn't even wish him good luck. FOJL (very publicly, I might add) said that it's no loss that he's leaving the team and university for a semester. If this isn't insensitive, I don't know what is.

    FOJL, would you like to rephrase?

    Arthur, what do you think he meant to say?

  13. Regrettably, we know he engages in that kind of activity. Posts on the Ivy Basketball board under a different name, where he complements and seeks comments on his posts here. And yes, it is creepy, especially where this guy claims to be a Penn graduate who should have left this kind of teenage activity long behind.

  14. I have already said what I believe the FOJL intended to say
    I am not a "FOJL sympathy" person, and I think he is a blowhard
    But I will not speculate any further on his inent
    And - I have no affiliation to him
    Please refrain from baseless accusations

  15. FOJL –

    Okay with me that you don't want to rephrase, but I just thought you deserved to make your point in a cordial way, and maybe say something nice about a Penn student. If I were you, here's what I might say:

    "I find it unfortunate and frustrating (and I'm sure the coaches and players do too) that so many recruits come in with an asterisk, or an injury, or a 'wait until ____ before evaluating him.' It's too bad we don't know so much what he can (or can't) do.

    Hopefully Keelan has a happy return to Penn and the Palestra."

  16. Jay - Now that you are my personal scribe, would you also be interested in doing my taxes, attending my meetings, and also paying my bills?


  17. Jay -- I dont put words in your mouth. Suggest you do the same. I have clearly stated my point and if that is not sufficient enough for you, then I cannot do any more to change that.

  18. I already contribute too much to the Penn board at basketball-u and I'm still laughing about you complaining that someone put words in your mouth. In this thread you state that I had "high hopes" for Cairns becoming a "dominant big man" and in another thread you mocked me for believing that Penn recruits like Kentucky. These are just two comments about my alleged thoughts that are figments of your active imagination. So there's no need for me to contribute more because you're already contributing on my behalf.

  19. Howie - Thank you for the contribution. I admire your sense of humour. At the same time, I try and be realistic with regards to the quality of the play, the quality of the players and the quality of the coaching that Penn MBB currently has.
    The perspectives you share are always optimistic and superlative, but at times, they appear to be somewhat over-zealous as well as unrealstic. The brother-in-lawing that sometimes occurs is representative of this.

    That said, your passion and loyalty is second to none. For that, you should be commended as well as recongnized in that regard. We do need more alums that care and give a sh*t. We need more students to subscribe to that.

    You are always welcome to contribute here and please dont be a stranger. The perspectives from the current student journalists offer a viable forum for other Penn alums, students, bettors, and fans to partake. Please return. And please bring Jonothon next time. He has been a stranger for far too long.

    Looking forward to seeing more contributions, as well as your musings on Ryan Gosling in your Tattle Tales.


    PS - The Gensler TaterTots Story (TGTTS) is truly one for the ages.

  20. Sybil

    Thank you for the contribution. I always try to be nice. Apparently in this case Jay felt otherwise.

    I have no "ax to grind" (ATG) with him, or even Howard Gensler. Gensler is a real gem. I also dont have any sort of beef with Jonothon Tannenwald. I have praised him on mutliple ocassions. I just find it ironic that he fails to participate and contribute whenever there is an objection to what he writes. He really is a talented young man. Just seems to be going through a rough spot where he comes off as a shill.

    Go Quakers. Beat UD!


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