Game 9: Villanova — The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

The Palestra hosted its first Big 5 matchup of the 2012-13 campaign, a foul-filled and turnover-laden affair between Penn and Villanova. Despite shooting just 4-for-17 from the field in the first half, the Quakers stayed in the game behind 24 free throw attempts, including a perfect 8-for-8 performance from Miles Cartwright, in the opening frame. But Penn could not keep pace with Villanova in the second, as its shooting woes continued and turnovers piled up. The Wildcats extended their lead to double digits and shutdown Penn's attempts to get back in the game, as Villanova went on to win, 68-55.

THE GOOD: Steve Rennard puts up 12 points.
After scoring some crucial buckets toward the end of last season, the shooting guard had all but disappeared from the stat sheet this winter, averaging just 3.5 points per game through eight games. But Rennard looked more like himself tonight, knocking down two treys late in the game to go along with six free throws. Perhaps even more important than him scoring was that he didn't stop shooting even after his first couple shots rolled out. Penn will need him to stay confident and keep firing in order to make the Quakers a legitimate threat from three-point range.

THE BAD: Dougherty disappears.
Villanova came ready to guard Fran Dougherty and succeeded in stifling the junior forward. The Ivy League's leading scorer at 17.1 points per game finished with a measly two points on 1-for-3 shooting. Even in a game with 52 personal fouls between the teams (yes, we'll get to that), Doc shot no free throws whatsoever. After his seven-point performance against Penn State and tonight, it's become clear that opposing squads know that shutting down Doc is a key to beating Penn. And it would seem they're right.

THE UGLY: Hack-a-thon at the Palestra.
Villanova and Penn tallied a combined 52 personal fouls on the night, leading to 71 free throws. That said, the whopping number of fouls cannot be entirely attributed to the players, since the referees seemed determined to call virtually every bump, and love tap, as a foul. For a game between two Philadelphia basketball squads, the matchup had none of the grittiness or toughness expected from a Big 5 contest, primarily because anything smacking of toughness at all was called a foul.

4 thoughts on “Game 9: Villanova — The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

  1. GOOD -- I suppose hanging tough against a Big East team is reason for optimism

    BAD -- The start of the game., The fouls

    UGLY - Penn's record

    UGLY Part II -- The silly in-game tweets from Tannenwald about other things besides the game - quality of sightings, kibitzing with others on press row. He refuses to write anything of substance and is commiting the largest sin by a journalist : Giving readers very little to read. SHAME!

    UGLY Part III Penn didnt cover the spread. Did anyone else take the 5 1/2 and Nova?

  2. More Ugly

    A silly poorly written piece by Tannenwald.

    He still insists on talking about Big Five + Drexel while interjecting his smarmy cynical remarks

    He also regurgiates stats and quotes.

    What is sad is that this kid used to be a real go-getter. Someone who would roll up his sleeve and DIG. Now he has become a retweeter -- adding little value while letting other people tell the story and do the reporting.

    SHAME on this clown

  3. And he needs to stop using the term "press-room" ad nauseum.

    Jonothon Why dont you actually do something of substance with your "credentials" rather than woofing down pretzels, and cutting and pasting quotes. You can do better.

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