Liveblog: M. Hoops at Penn State

Sports writer Steven Tydings and I have successfully made the trek from Philadelphia to University Park, and we're all set for the action between Penn and Penn State at the Bryce Jordan Center. The struggling Quakers will try to pick up their first road win of the season, while the Nittany Lions are looking for new options in the wake of losing star Tim Frazier to injury. Follow all the action with us here on the live blog.

9 thoughts on “Liveblog: M. Hoops at Penn State

  1. According to CBS Sports,...

    Penn RPI is #344 out of #349.

    That is right. We are in the bottom 1.5 percentile

    Right up there with powers such as University of New Orleans and Furman. The team above us Binghamton.

    Even Dartmouth is well above us at #301.

    100% Unacceptable

  2. Jamie - Thank you for your contribution. I am not advocating the RPI now (or even later in the campaign). I am merely stating what the numbers show, at this snapshot in time (SSIT).

  3. According to ESPN:

    We are currently #4 in the country in total personal fouls.

    That's right, we're in the 98.9th percentile, meaning that our physicality is ahead of all the top 25 ranked teams in both polls. Even Yale is a measly 11th in fouls/physicality, with 14 fewer.

    This shows 100% that we are a formidable, take-no-prisoners, force to be reckoned with on the floor.

    Now, I'm not advocating for use of recorded fouls to measure how good the team is now (or even later in the season), I'm just stating what the numbers currently show.

  4. I hate to admit this, but "FOJL" is correct. This team has been quite poor this year. Let's hope things improve. I also think FOJL is a big bully around here, but sadly I cannot disagree

  5. Arthur

    Thank you for the contribution. Sorry you feel there is a "bully factor" > that is not my intent. Often there might be a myth or misperception, however, I tactfully disagree.

    And yes, you are correct in saying that this team has been poor.

    We have two wins to show against the likes of UMBC and SUNY-Binghamton. Not exactly the "stuff of champions"

  6. when we are winning later on in the year and making a run at the IVY title lets all over react in the same way and claim we are the best team in the country...and next year when we are really good make sure we all suggest that our team compete with the worst NBA teams . I just want equal lunacy on both ends.

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