Game Seven: Binghamton — The Good, Bad & Ugly

Penn turned around its five-game losing streak by grabbing a 65-54 win over Binghamton. The Quakers are now 2-5 on the season and hope to take their momentum to State College when they face Penn State this Saturday.


THE GOOD: Dau Jok's career high eight points. Yes, Fran Dougherty had another big night, recording a double-double with 11 points and 13 rebounds. But it was Dau who received the greater applause when the two came off the court in the second half. Jok had a career-high 8 points for the Quakers in 12 minutes. On a night where Penn shot 35% from the field, Jok shined shooting a perfect 3-for-3. I expect to see more of Dau's sweet stroke in upcoming games.

THE BAD: Outrebounded again? Penn was last in the Ivy League in rebounding margin coming into the game and they won't be moving up the rankings after last night. They
were outrebounded 49-39 and registered a pitiful eight offensive rebounds. Other than Fran Dougherty, who had 13 rebounds, no Quaker had more than five. Only one Quaker, freshman Darien Nelson-Henry, had multiple offensive rebounds. If Binghamton center Roland Brown didn't have early foul trouble, the Bearcats may have pulled this one out.
Brown, who fouled out in the second half, had 5 points and 7 rebounds in just 11 minutes of play.

THE UGLY: The Palestra scoreboard. With 1:03 left in the second half and Penn winning 62-50, the scoreboard malfunctioned at the Palestra. Binghamton's players and fans were quick to voice their complaint that their score was off. Binghamton's leading scorer Jordan Reed, a Philadelphia native, was particularly upset that his stat line only showed 15 points when he had earned 16. It took the scoreboard operators a few minutes to fix the problem. A rare complaint by visitors about playing in the Palestra!

5 thoughts on “Game Seven: Binghamton — The Good, Bad & Ugly

  1. FOJL: "please keep dau off the court" or other criticism after every game where dau plays three minutes


    GOOD > DP Live Blog was always the best way to get the feel for the game. Kudos again

    GOOD #2 > Jok. His greatest career game ever. Perhaps he can keep it up.

    BAD > The crowd seemed sparse. Tannenwald tweeted a picture of the student section. I suppose spending 2 hours on a Tuesday night is asking too much for a current student. Very disappointing

    UGLY > Game not on the board in Vegas.

    Good win. We are now the kings of the middle atlantic beating up on direction and acronym schools. Better than losing.

  3. on a Wednesday, with testing going on, for a 1-5 Penn team against one of the worst basketball teams I have ever seen? how could you expect it to be crowded?

  4. I missed this game and regret missing the chance to see Dau nail down a couple long threes in game-time action. I enjoy watching him launch those pretty, high-arcing threes in warm-ups, and I've never abandoned the hope he'd find his balance, and nerves, in the heat of a real game, even if against a pretty inferior opponent.

    Congratulations, Dau. Let's hope this portends a more regular contribution from the real "Dau Index," the only one that matters at Penn.

    I expected Rennard to really step it up this season. I suppose Jerome Allen did too, inserting him in the starting lineup. He's got the athleticism, the tools to do it...let's go, Steve. Let's step it up.

  5. Always a good day in my book when I get to see a contribution from Mr Steven Becker -- one of the all time greats!

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