Live Blog Game 7 — Penn hoops vs. Binghamton

I'm here with David Greenbaum at the Palestra where Penn takes on Binghamton. Let's see if the Quakers can end their five game losing streak.

4 thoughts on “Live Blog Game 7 — Penn hoops vs. Binghamton

  1. Hey geniuses, how bout keeping updates on score through the game?

    And Megan, for the umpteenth time, is there some reason you can't provide boxscores with your basketball coverage???? hello????

  2. Hi Steve —

    We do keep a scoreboard on the liveblog as it happens throughout every game. On some browsers it does not always show up, so if you have not been seeing it I would suggest trying a different browser or updating from your current one.

    I appreciate your feedback as always and will include a link to the box score in tonight's Good Bad Ugly.

  3. okay Megan, now I feel guilty for my initial obnoxious post. Apologies. See how easy it is to warm my heart?

    "I appreciate your feedback as always..." reminds me of the irrepressibly charming FOJL, which warms my heart further.

    Keep the box-scores coming. They are informative, even above and beyond your excellent reporting.

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