30 Seconds With… Greg Van Roten

Greg Van Roten (left) originally signed with the Packers practice squad but has since been moved to the active roster.

Those who watched the Giants crush the Packers on Sunday Night Football this week may have caught a glimpse of former Penn football player and current Green Bay Packers offensive lineman Greg Van Roten. As we wrote two weeks ago, the 2011 grad currently serves as a backup center and guard and is taking practice snaps with the first team (see story), but he's also been playing on special teams.

We took the time to question Van Roten on some of non-Packers questions in this edition of 30 Seconds With:

Do you have Aaron Rodgers’ cell phone number?
No, I don’t think anybody has that.

Best food in Green Bay?
Cheese Cake Heaven. We all go there for the sandwiches, but they’re famous for dessert.

What do you miss most about Penn?
Where do I start? All my friends mostly, but also being in a city like Philly. Never thought I’d say that, but it’s true. I miss Philly.

Best dancer on the team?
Donald Driver, he won Dancing with the Stars.

Tim Tebow or Mark Sanchez?
Ha, neither.

6 thoughts on “30 Seconds With… Greg Van Roten

  1. Nice feature. Good job by Anna Strong - who is one of this semester's most comprehensive reporters. She has been terrific!

    Nice to see Greg v. Roten having success at the next level.


  2. Always good to see a contribution from our Silcox!!!

    For those not in the know, Silcox is the former Senior Sports Editor and a classy young man!

    Great to hear from you again

  3. Not sure but this may be the only place to raise this topic. The Bushnell Trophy finalists were announced today, with no Penn candidates. This will make it 3 straight Penn Ivy championships in a row without an Ivy POY. How often does that happen?

    BTW - Penn's Ivy champs had only 5 1st Team All Ivies vis 10 for 2nd place Harvard, and none were unanimous, while Harvard, Cornell, and Princeton each had at least 2 unanimous selectees. This underscores both this strangest of Ivy seasons and the great job done by Coach B & staff.

    In life's double-entry bookkeeping, what was an asset this year is also a liability - to wit the shortage of unanimous selectee types on our team, and the pressure for recruiting some in next year's class. (There's that "recruiting" issue again.) Meanwhile next year's Ivy League will be even more competitive, as Dartmouth joins us, Harvard, Princeton, and Cornell as contenders. Yale and Brown don't look to be pushovers either.

  4. My error - Jake Lewko shared POY in '09. But Ivy player selection criteria swings between best athlete and player who contributed most to the championship.

    Note this year's criteria is best athlete - Cornell's Jeff Mathews (2nd team All Ivy) is a finalist. It is easily arguably that either or both Brandon Copeland (1st team All Ivy) and Billy Ragonne at minimum should have been finalists!

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