Game Six Liveblog — Penn at Lehigh (NIT Tip-Off Tournament)

I'm here again with hoops beat writer Allison Bart at Stabler Arena in Bethlehem, Pa., where Penn takes on Lehigh in the consolation bracket of the NIT Tip-Off Tournament. The Quakers fell last night to Fordham, so let's see if they can find a much-needed victory tonight.

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  1. Two things which need to be called out, and perhaps, clarified in case the message is being blurred

    1) I am critical of Allen because there is plenty to be critical of

    2) I am critical of others who are NOT critical of Allen because they refuse to criticize because they fail to see the things that warrant criticism. In this case, Tannenwald gives him the "brother-in-law" treatment, constantly sucking up and pretending he has actually won something in his coaching career. There is a blurry line between Allen the player and Allen the coach. And Tannenwald, as well as the sycophant Gensler, refuse to see this

  2. FOJL,
    I don't think anyone is saying that Jerome Allen, or anyone else for that matter, is beyond criticism. But I still don't see where you have answered Jamie's question = What, SPECIFICALLY, are YOUR criticisms of Jerome, and/or in what areas do you feel that is there room for improvement with him? Do you have any thoughts as to what he should do to improve?
    I'll start by gving you one that I have: Whether this is his fault or not, I'm not sure, but I have noticed that during his tenure that his teams often come out flat, especially in games against lesser opponents, such as the games against Dartmouth and Brown last year. While they won those particular games, they have also lost some very winnable games, including some already this year. It would appear that he needs to do a better job in getting his teams ready to play in ALL games, no matter whom the opponent, and not just in the BIG ones. I'll give him a pass in the final Princeton game last year, as the team was spent from the Harvard game, and was up against a slighty superior opponent (at least on that night).
    Having said that, I still think that so far Jerome has done a good job overall. Time will tell if he becomes a great coach, but even Fran Dunphy was not (and still is not) 100% perfect all of the time, either.
    Count me in as one who doesn't care whether JT or Gensler or whoever doesn't criticize JA or ever writes to the Buzz - What is YOUR beef with Jerome? If you have one or more, fine, but what are they???

  3. ted i think you expressed what i was try to say a little more clearly than i had. they do tend to play a bad first 10min not sure why but I've noticed that too.

  4. Examples

    1) Slow starts, as has been alluded to in prior contributions
    2) Defensive transition is a problem. Guys are out of place and dont always guard the secondary option. We have been burned by 3 pointers this way so far this season
    3) In game adjustments. A few times Penn has been caught off guard by the opponent changing defensive sets. The failure of the Head Coach to identify these changes leads to confusion and missed opportunities on possessions

    Good news is that all of these are fixable.

    Bad news is that we are losing games to the likes of Fordham and Delaware and other slop.

  5. Frankly, FOJL you are entitled to your criticism. Its tone is not terribly constructive and it is quite honestly annoying. You can criticize without the personal sniping. You choose not to do so. You sound like a wannabe bully. Why don't you temper it a bit or people might consider you to be a PA if they don't already consider you to be?

  6. @Penn7272

    Thank you for the contribution.

    Please clarify items from my contribution at 0749hrs today (27 Nov 2012) where you feel there is "personal sniping"

    I think my words are quite fair and salient.

  7. I find the timing of that contribution to be ironic as I just praised former Senior Sports Editor (SSE) Calder Silcox in the other post about Greg v. Roten.

    The issues with Tannenwald could be mollified if he actually would engage in the dialogue. Instead he fails to do so and wont defend himself

  8. FOJL,
    Thank you for your response to my question. Your specific criticisms of JA, whle they may be subjected to debate by some people, are fair ones, and I dare say not unreasonable, and are duly noted.

    I did not detect any "sniping" in that particular post, and I don't think anyone would have any problem with similar ones in the future. Your occasional posts that delve into the realm of the personal are the ones that lead people to believe that you may have more of an agenda than just wanting to raise the level of success of Penn Sports.

    As always, Go Quakers!

  9. Great thread with many excellent points being made.

    I think we can agree that the loss of Rosen was going to be pretty devastating for some time. You don't lose a guy like that and field a team with no seniors and expect the team to come out of the gate strong. This isn't kentucky retooling with five-star recruits.

    The team's inspiring comeback in game one, albeit against a very weak foe, may have misled us a bit into believing that the team might be suprisingly more cohesive than we had a right to expect. Alas, it is not. And so it seems we may be looking at a long season, although come Ivy League play let's hope to see some real improvement, someone other than Dougherty "step up," and a solid, competitive .500 or better record.

    Miles' performance has been disappointing. Unfortunately he just wasn't the "sleeper talent" that his freshman year suggested might be the case. He's solid but makes no one around him better and while he plays his ass off he's not a guy to hand the "mantle" to. Dougherty is obviously that guy, but he will need help. Who will supply it?

  10. I don't think miles is or will be at the end of the season an "on ball" offensive player. Hes much better catch and shoot, catch and drive, but early on because of our youth we haven't been able to get him off the ball as much. I like what jamal lewis has done recently i think he'll be really effective when princeton rolls around which will allow miles to be off the ball even more.

    good news! tomorrow we have another game to see our young guys grow a little more!

  11. Jamie - Since I referred to you by name in the power ranking post, I didn't want you to consider it as having been done in vain, so here it is:

    "During the post Lehigh conversation "Jamie" pointed to the rankings of the past 2 incoming classes as #2 two years ago and #1 this year as basis for hope and patience. Based on the above power rankings wouldn't it be fair to ask for some meaningful evidence of those rankings showing up by now?

    I've signed on to a bit more patience, but continue to be concerned those incoming class evals might have been made by Rasmussen or worse, Dick Morris!"

  12. i saw it there's nothing I can do to convince anyone except let it play out. I like both of the recruiting class especially '12.

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