Battle of 33rd Street

After a one-year hiatus, the Battle of 33rd Street is back Saturday afternoon, as Penn takes on Drexel. The last time the two teams played was in November 2010. The West Philly rivalry returns with the hopes to pack the Palestra. To get the hype up, "Dac Pack films" — the Dac Pack being Drexel's equivalent of the Red and Blue Crew — made a promotional video with the two student groups along with Drexel and Penn Athletics. The Quaker vs. Mario rivalry is seen below along with students from the respective schools.

2 thoughts on “Battle of 33rd Street

  1. That definitely exceeded my expectations -- thanks for sharing! I especially like how the bait to trap the Quaker was a can of oats.

  2. Wonderful effort and creativity by Dac-Pack Films

    Lets hope the game on the court lives up to the spirit that will be shared off the court (student sections, rollouts!, etc)

    Would also be nice if Coach Allen's team comes out hungry after two clunkers in that NIT

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