Game 2: Delaware — The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Following a dramatic comeback win over UMBC in the season opener, in which the Penn basketball team erased a 22-point deficit, the Quakers fell flat in their second game: an 84-69 defeat to the hands of Delaware in the opening round of the NIT Season Tip-Off (see recap). Here's a quick rundown of the good, bad and ugly points:

THE GOOD: Fran. Dougherty was the Quakers’ leading scorer on the night, with 21 points.  And hey, he only racked up three personal fouls (more on that later). He also had four assists and took a floor-shaking charge with 2:13 remaining in an attempt to reinvigorate the Quakers’ momentum. Doc made a notable effort to keep control of the ball outside of the lane when the Quakers faced foul trouble at the end of the second half, and he even hit two treys.

THE BAD: Beatdown on the boards. Penn never rebounds, but Monday it was especially atrocious. The big men underneath did nothing to snatch the ball away from Blue Hens, who waited under the basket with open arms. Once again, Fran led in this category with six rebounds, and Henry Brooks and Darien Nelson-Henry followed with three apiece. Box out, men!

THE UGLY: A combined 55 fouls. Miles Cartwright, Tony Hicks and Jamal Lewis all fouled out, and Henry Brooks was one foul away from joining them on the bench.  In fact, a year ago Brooks averaged only 14.3 minutes a game but racked up an average of 3.2 personals per game. The trend continued Monday, when Brooks picked up three fouls in his first three minutes on the floor. Penn committed 31 fouls total, and Delaware was charged with 24. Dougherty called the referees "a bit touchy."

ALSO UGLY: Penn's new red unis. The tacky, poorly designed, bright red mesh the Quakers sported shouldn't be worn again. Maybe the 15-point loss will convince them they're bad luck.

14 thoughts on “Game 2: Delaware — The Good, the Bad & the Ugly


    Good -- Dougherty
    Bad - Everyone else, including the bench led by Bricklayer Dau Jok.
    Bad - Delaware kinda sucks
    Ugly -- 930pm on Mondays are just not good for plenty of us. A bit late for tipoff for me....

    Hopefully the staff has good film of what went wrong.

  2. Why do you love to hate Jok so much? He missed his one shot attempt and played 3 minutes. He did, however, lead the bench in supporting everyone else, the way he's always done, but I doubt this is what you meant.

    My own additions:

    Good: the 15-1 Penn run to bring it back to a 9-point game with 3:24 left; Miles Cartwright's 16-point first half; Jamal Lewis suited up and played; that we'll get another shot at Delaware next month.

    Bad: the habit of getting behind and having to claw our way back, which dates back to last season (if not before). It's important that this team (and its coaches) know/learn how to keep a lead. Also, not just rebounds overall, but Delaware's 14 offensive rebounds (several of which were putbacks); free throw shooting.

    Ugly: the Delaware radio guy's pronunciation: "Fran DOH-er-tee," "Greg Lou-EES," and "Simeon ES-pritt"

  3. FALSE. The red unis are cool and a nice addition to our gear. The players feel cool and more "pro-esque" with an alternate uniform.

  4. This team doesnt need "cheerleaders" on the bench. We need players who can contribute on the court. With all due respect to his humanitarian efforts and being a classy kid, I am not sure Jok can play. His historical body of work is awful. His minutes probably deserve to go elsewhere.

    Otherwise, Jay makes solid and salient points in his above contribution. Thank you for participating in this dialogue!

  5. Am I mistaken or do you guys not supply box scores with your summaries of these games? Why not? How bout it? Maybe I'm blind and you can direct me to them, but if not, their absence is ridiculous.

  6. Not mentioned here is the FTs. Can't control the refs, but you gotta knock down those freebies!

  7. I can't fault FOJL for wishing to see even something approaching a marginally meaingfully contribution from the "Dau" on a basketball level?

    I mean the dude's a junior now? I'm losing track? Of course, we all love and respect Dau (genuinely); let us never give up on him...never...I pledge not to.

    Until his final game as a senior we will patiently wait for him to "break out" and nail some of those sweet arcing rainbows threes in a "real" game. :)

    Having said that, must we wait, Dau, for your final game as a senior for this?

  8. Apologies for typos in my last post. intended:
    Sloppy...I try to limit the grammatical "turnovers" in these posts.

    I have a good feeling about this Penn squad. Here's my prediction--this will be a good, solid season with a downside of eight Ivy wins and upside of 10.

    I will be mildly surprised, but not shocked, if Penn challenges as a top three team in the league this year. The lowered expectations is excellent for this squad. It should relieve the pressure on it, leave it in the favorable position of "underdog" for half their league games, and bolster their confidence as they surprise with some unexpectedly strong performances.

    Coach Allen's positive view of the team's upgraded athleticism seems fair (based on early evidence), and is a credit to his early recruiting record; this alone should be intriguing--that is, to see a Penn squad comprised of more really solid athletes with bigger "upsides" than previously constituted squads.

    Next year? Watch out!

    Penn wins the title next year...Jerome is building something. I believe he is really building something.

  9. Steve has it about right. it's pretty unreasonable to make any analysis on this team at this point. Like Steve I really like this team. They are supper young we have 5 - 6 sophs or fresh that will be relied on to be productive. The team we see now isn't the team we will se in 1 week, 1 month and by the time the Princeton game rolls around. be patient we have some really good recruits Darien and tony will be competing with each other for IVY POY in a season or two they are both really talented and if julian ever gets over the "LA injuries" he's REALLY talented. this team will be good this year but their best days are ahead and we may have an incredible class for 2013 if we can get one more kid that the staff really wants to commit. patience will be important for all of us but this team will be exciting and fun and aggravating all at the same time...

  10. Its always a treat to hear from a true gem like Steven Becker. I have nothing against Jok -- but what has he done to warrant any playing time?

  11. he's played 3 minutes a game and hit 6 of 7 threes in the scrimmage. nobody else can hit a shot, why not give him 10 minutes and see what happens?

  12. @Steve Becker - (Not a joke) I just received an e-mail that purports to be signed by you, claiming you got mugged in the Philippines, and could I help out by wiring some money etc.

    While I'm filing this with the mail from Nigerians et al offering huge monies based on my character, I wasn't sure how this hack occurred, nor how to inform you of it. This may be yet another unforeseen but welcome addition to The Buzz value proposition.

  13. Ernie thanks for the heads up. All my contacts were deleted. I'd like to say that, yeah, i'm in the phillipines, send me money, but no, i'm not, although sure i could use the money. Thanks my man. i'm fine, and glad you are too. welcome back to a new season. i believe i've re-secured my email account.

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