Liveblog — Penn football vs. Harvard

In the penultimate game of the year, Penn football (4-4, 4-1 Ivy) will host Harvard (7-1, 4-1) in its final home game of the year at Franklin Field. The winner of the game will win at least a share of the Ivy League title. Sports Editor Mike Wisniewski and football writers Ethan Alter and John Phillips bring you the action live:

5 thoughts on “Liveblog — Penn football vs. Harvard

  1. WHAT CAN I SAY !!!!!!! As dirty as Harvard played and always looking to the refs for a call to go the Crimson way the Quakers still beat them. THERE IS A GOD !!!!!!
    Now we go to Ithaca next Sat. for our final game against Cornell. We have a chance to win the IVY Championship outright with victory over the Big Red, regardless if Harvard beats Yale in their finale. Last year we lost to Brown, Harvard and Cornell in 3 of our last 4 games.
    This year we got revenge against Brown and Harvard. It is now time to also beat Cornell. WIN THIS ONE FOR BILLY !!! Just a reminder, in 1982, 30 YEARS AGO (TED)
    we beat Harvard and the lost to Cornell in Ithaca, 23-0, settling for a three way tie for the Ivy Championship with Harvard and Dartmouth. LET THIS NOT HAPPEN AGAIN.
    GO PENN !!!!! BEAT CORNELL !!!!!!

  2. Hard to believe, given how inept this team has been during the season

    FOJL MVP - Copeland, he was all over the field

    Kudos to Holland for his pinch-hitting role. Great GW touchdown pass.

    Kudos to Mike W, Ethan, and John Phillips for providing a wonderful game blog and running commentary

  3. What a stunner! Not only did the Quakers win, they outplayed Harvard in every phase of the game. I'm still somewhat in shock.

    Whatever less than flattering things I might have said about Al Bagnoli and the players this year, I hereby take them all back. The coaches obviously prepared a great game plan for today, and the players executed it to perfection.

    Congratulations Quakers! As I'm sure "Penn Grad" would agree, this one ranks up there among the greatest games of the past THIRTY (30) years. Certainly one of the most unexpected wins, but also well deserved. WELL DONE!

  4. I'm happy to eat humble crow, as I gave the team little chance to win this one. I couldn't see the game (of all days to have to attend an afternoon wedding), but I'd have loved to see how our team's athleticism matched Harvard's.

    This has been a tale of two seasons, and if the team beats Cornell, it will be the most improbable of our Ivy FB championships, but also arguably the most special. Congratulations team and coaches, and good luck next Saturday.

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