This Week on 33rd Street: Nov. 9, Part II

In this week's football segment, I sit down with Associate Sports Ed. Kenny Kasper to talk Penn football. The Quakers upset Princeton on the road, 28-21, a week ago, and have set themselves up for a de facto championship game Saturday against No. 25 Harvard at Franklin Field (see preview). The Crimson rank near the top of the Ancient Eight in almost every category, so what will the Red and Blue need to do to come out on top?

One thought on “This Week on 33rd Street: Nov. 9, Part II

  1. Good feature!

    Nice to see both Mike and Kenny looking good -- we have come a long way from the days of Kotloff rolling out of bed with a wrinkled shirt .

    Kenny nailed it - the committment to the run was key in the Palmer Stadium Victory!

    Well done by two svelte men!


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