Ivy editors make preseason predictions

Similar to the Ivy media preseason men's basketball poll, two editors from each Ivy League newspaper participated in our own preseason poll. Ours was nearly identical to the Ivy League's, with the exception of Columbia and Cornell being switched. Here's the full breakdown with votes:

1. Princeton (13), 123
2. Harvard (2), 108
3. Cornell, 79
4. Columbia, 77
5. Penn (1), 75
6. Yale, 51
7. Brown, 41
8. Dartmouth, 22

10 thoughts on “Ivy editors make preseason predictions

  1. This sounds about right.

    Hopefully the DP has set the proper expecations for the team. And hopefully, the line between being "student journalists" and "student fans' has been drawn.

  2. FOJL -

    So you are being trashed here ("Insufferable blowhard" is I believe how someone put it). There's also a thread (again) on the ivy basketball board questioning why you are stealing someone else's name and wondering why you are all but stalking DP writers and others.

    So no response? You live to call out other people's transgressions, both real and mostly imagined. Yet you are silent when your are called out for your own embarrassing and juvenile behavior.

    There are a number of words for that. I'll be polite and settle for coward.

  3. Curious

    Thank you for the contribution. What exactly would you seek additional clarification on?

    I have never purported to "steal someone else's name". I am not related to, associated with, or affiliated with Herr Lubin.

    I apologize if that answer fails to meet your expecations.

    With regards to the Ivy BB Board... I have learned over the years that there are multiple items, as well as multiple of posters whose credibility warrants further scrutiny.

    We hopefully can find a middle ground in this friendly disagreement with regards to our concerns and strong feelings towards Penn Athletics, the successes on and off the field, recruiting, fundraising, administration, public relations, and facilties.

  4. I'm pretty sure the Penn game not being on the board has everything to do with the America East conference and nothing to do with Penn.

  5. Jeremy makes a fair point. If the AEC is the reason for the game not being on the board, then that gives me optimism that there will be few Penn games that will be like this.

    A few themes to watch in the early season:
    1) Total number of points. Might need to keep an eye on
    the UNDERS
    2) Can Penn cover on the road against the spread? This
    was a problem in the non-conference portion of the schedule last year, but a goldmine after Jan 1.

    Very excited for the season and the opportunity to once again make some coin on the Quakers.

  6. Jay — In response to your relevant question about who voted Penn #1, I did not conduct the poll so the only results I have are anonymous. That voter followed with 2) Harvard, 3) Yale and 4) Princeton, for what it's worth.

  7. Megan — I'm told that if I can't say anything nice, I shouldn't say anything at all, so I'll congratulate that voter on making such a bold prediction and leave it at that.

    (I'll also be pretty happy if it turns out to be correct.)

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