Keelan Cairns considers back surgery

Sophomore hoops player Keelan Cairns has begun writing for a new blog, The Courtside Collective. It sounds like he seems to make this a recurring gig, and in his first post he recounts his freshman season.

The 6-foot-10 Ireland native had very limited time due to a back injury and said the following in the blog post:

My freshman year didn't go exactly as planned as I suffered an injury during the pre-season, which plagued me all year long and followed me into this year. I went through everything the doctors said without much success. So, this year I'm taking a more drastic approach and I am considering surgery to shave off the bulging disc in my back, releasing the trapped nerve inhibiting me.

We are not given access to the players for interviews until official practices begin next week, so that's all the information we have for now. Stay tuned for more information as soon as we have it.

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