Rosen Joins Sixers’ Summer League Squad

After passing on Zack Rosen three times during Thursday's NBA Draft, the Sixers have added the former Penn PG to their roster for the Orlando Pro Summer League. Eight NBA squads will join the action from July 9 to July 13, playing one game each day during the five-day stretch.

With the fate of Lou Williams still up in the air and the Sixers in need of a guard, Rosen could eventually find a home playing for Philly.

"In terms of roster, spots, and the construction of the organization, from the outside kind of looking in, the Sixers are a good fit," Rosen said.

Given Rosen's free agent status, however, any team is free to invite him to training camp or sign him, including the other seven teams playing in the summer league.

It remains to be seen whether Rosen will also play in the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, which will feature 24 teams playing in the 10-day tournament from July 13 to July 22.

7 thoughts on “Rosen Joins Sixers’ Summer League Squad

  1. @KennyKasper -- Thank you for the contribution. This is an encouraging sign at the mininum for Rosen. If he plays well, he can hopefully latch on to a training camp later on. If this is not viable, playing abroad still is a viable option.

    On another note, I have been impressed with the new names on the Buzz

    We have seen contributions from:
    Kenny Kasper
    Mike Tony
    and Ms. Strong

    Buzz Regulars look forward to more of your work! Well done team!

  2. Further, I am very excited about the overall quality of the DP Sports staff that will return in the fall

    We have fantastic leadership from Megan. Alyssa Kress is a very talented writer as well. Those two ladies will be the glue of the staff

    We also have Sush Modi, who earned his stripes this past year.

    Mike W is solid

    And I cannot forget about Ike ... I am still convinced that the best LIVE BLOG chat was in 2010-2011 with the duo of Ike and Matt Fleg.

    Then we add the (relative) newcomers such as Kenny Kasper, Mike Tony, and Anna Strong

    This group is poised for many good things ahead.

    Cannot wait to see what they produce.

  3. Zack should have been drafted. He deserved to be. I'm sorry the Sixers didn't make even more of an investment in him by drafting him with a late second-round pick. I'd hoped they would.

    It's so clear he deserves the most serious look; let's hope he remains of genuine intrigue to the Sixers and the teams who worked him out; that he's seen, by now, as more than "summer roster filller" material--that is, as "serious prospect" material.

    I am so glad that Zack effuses such confidence in his NBA abilities. He has earned the right to that confidence; his belief in himself is well-deserved. He is, in fact, of NBA caliber and I wish I were a GM with the power to sign him to a guaranteed contract tomorrow.

    Kick some ass, Zack, in Orlando....kick it everywhere, till you end up right you belong--running a team in the NBA.

  4. Steven Becker-- always good to see your contributions here!

    Your presence is missed around here. I hope things find you well during the dog days of summer

    For those newbies here -- Steven is one of the all-time great posters on the Buzz. He usually cranks it up come fall for FB.


  5. steve becker - i appreciate your love for the red and blue, but rosen wasn't anymore deserving to be drafted than scott machado or malik wayns . about half of the 2nd rd was draft and stash europeans, there will be plenty of undrafted rookies who make squads and rosen will have the opportunity to earn a roster spot.

  6. FOJL, thanks my man for your incredibly generous shout-out to me. Likewise I hope you are well and have a great summer.

    Eric, I appreciate your point. Yes, Machado and Wayns, and others, were also overlooked. Perhaps that's some small consolation for Zack, but I very much doubt it.

    The fact is, irrespective of who else was overlooked and should or shouldn't have been, he shouldn't have been. Many of those European future investments late in the second round were slaps in faces to any number of these guys who are more NBA ready than they are and worked their asses off to put themselves in the position to be drafted. Of course I'm not suggesting these teams don't do their assiduous homework on the "projects," but Zack Rosen is no "project." He is a "finished point guard" who, even more than Machado and way more than Wayns, makes guys "better" around him.

    That's my own view. I think he's got intangibles that really blow these other guys off the table, if I'm drafting.

  7. This is terrific. Lively dialogue and conversation from both Steven Becker and "Eric"

    Love to see these types of contributions from valued members of our online community

    Happy Fourth of July (4OJ) to Everyone!

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