30 Seconds with Amy Gutmann (Extended Version)

I sat down with Penn President Amy Gutmann Tuesday for a quick "30 seconds" interview. It actually lasted almost two minutes, but check out the print version below, and the whole interview after the jump.


Favorite sports venue on campus?
I like them all; I don’t play favorites.

Do you ever play squash with your husband?
I wouldn’t dare. He plays with our women’s squash team.

Could he beat them?
He’s trying!

First sporting event you attended at Penn?
2004 game at Franklin Field

If you could spend a day with the Quaker, where would you want to go?
[Laughs] I’d want to go back in time with Ben Franklin.

Last sporting event you attended at Penn?
The Penn-Harvard [men’s] basketball game at the Palestra. I was really proud of how hard our team played, but next time, we’re going to win. For sure.

Three words to describe Princeton:
Just not Penn.

When will the basketball team win an Ivy championship?
This year.

If you could play on any Penn sports team, which would it be?
Any one that would take me.

Red or blue?
They go well together.

Best person to watch a Penn sporting event with?
Penn students and alumni.

Favorite Philly athlete?
Could I take the Quaker or Philly Phanatic? Do mascots count?

2 thoughts on “30 Seconds with Amy Gutmann (Extended Version)

  1. Nice contribution from Megan. Fun and irreverent piece too. Shows the softer side of Guttmann, who comes across as engaging and personal -- unlike the Athletic Director who comes off as smug, pompous, arrogant and aloof.

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