Dartmouth post-game presser: Jerome Allen & Zack Rosen

Jerome Allen and Zack Rosen speak to the media following Penn's 58-55 win over Dartmouth. Despite the win, Allen was extremely displeased with the Quakers' performance, as was Rosen.

10 thoughts on “Dartmouth post-game presser: Jerome Allen & Zack Rosen

  1. Allen should be displeased with his OWN performance too.

    From the other board, I saw this tellling contribution from another loyal Penn Fan:

    Memo to Jerome Allen: You don't have Duke, North Carolina or Kentucky out there. You can't make crazy coaching decisions knowing that it will all work out because you have nothing but McDonald All Americans. When you build a 15 point lead at home with just under 15 minutes left, you don't take out your hot scorer and center playing well and replace them with a deep bencher and a guy who had a poor matchup against a bigger equally athletic guy. You crush the opponent with your best players. I'm still in shock at the insertion of Dau Jok (especially after Crocker played really well in the first half) for a hot Bernardini and (obviously less so) Dougherty for Brooks, who was playing very well. We completely lost our momentum and flow and never got it back. This was not a move Jerome's mentor, Fran Dunphy, EVER would have done. It was a coaching meltdown that should have resulted in a loss, since Dartmouth then got its confidence and knew it could win. Only a lucky prayer by Zack bailed us out. It's ridiculous that a game against Dartmouth should have come down to this at home. Look at these stats---Penn had 12 steals and forced 19 turnovers (compared with 0 and 8); Penn had 8 more FGs and, until the late run, had outshot Dartmouth by a LOT. Yet it all was thrown away with the decision to take the air out of the ball and play to hold the lead. We have done this far too much and I frankly am sick of it. Win the freaking game. We have so much talent compared with Dartmouth---this was a disgrace.

    I cannot disagree.

  2. completely on board with FOJL this time. where are the timeouts as the lead is disappearing? why do we stall for the entire shot clock every time we are ahead? jerome refused to stay aggressive and bury Dartmouth when we were up big and it almost killed us last night.

  3. Wynnie -Thank you for your contribution. This notion of taking the air out of the ball was not a salient decision by Coach Allen.

    He really needs to thank Mitch Henderson for last night.

    In fact, many feel that Mitch did more to help Penn than Allen did on Saturday

  4. I attended both games this weekend. Some observations:

    **Zack Rosen's shooting tanked, yes; but more discouraging, for the very first time I saw his "intangible presence" on floor, which has made him so special, totally neutralized by Harvard and, more inexplicably, Dartmouth.

    Partly this was a function of Allen utilizing him for stretches in both games more in a shooting guard mode, giving Cartwright more of the point role. In any case it was strange to see Zack failing to impose his will, and presence, in these games; he penetrated less effectively than usual and really didn't "control" the floor in his distinctive way. I daresay he seemed to lose his confidence just a bit, although he's so mentally tough he still shot his way through both games, shot prolifically, which I admire. His clutch three against Dartmouth was small redemption (but a great shot, and one that only he can make on the team).

    Anyway, it was depressing to see Zack looking so ordinary. Allen should really never take the ball out of his hands. This is no disrespect to Miles, who played hard and well in both games and proved to be, as usual, the most effective finisher at the hoop.

    Rennard and Kukoc look good. They are players. Rennard is an athlete. Had Kukoc drained that open look against Harvard with score tied, we'd have had a special moment (and perhaps different outcome).

    Can someone please explain to me the enigma of Mike Howlett? He is the toughest big on the team, a senior, with arguably the sweetest shot 10-feet and within on the team. He can rebound, block shots, and mixes it up. Why in the world does this guy not play more minutes? With the team desperate for inside toughness and presence, what in the world is Jerome Allen doing nailing this mobile senior to the bench? I am bewildered. An active, gritty 6-9 senior who sees minor action on a team painfully challenged (and exploited) inside? Why?

    Buzz writers....have you probed yet why Jerome Allen has marginalized Howlett?

    Tyler Bernadini? Hello Jeremy? Where are you, my friend?
    Has Bernadini ever come up big, ONCE, in a key conference game with EVERYTHING on the line?
    Answer: NO.
    ZERO points again Harvard? That is a flat-out embarrassment. True, Rosen took 21 shots, and missed most of them. But ZERO points? Big surprise.

    Let us hope that Zack rebounds immediately from his bizarrely "off" performances (less his shooting than his leadership)--that is, that immediately he stamps himself as the indelible leader and dictating presence he usually is on the court.

    The Dartmouth performance was atrocious. Really atrocious. Jerome, put the ball squarely, and ALWAYS, back in Rosen's hands. Unlike some others, I will cut Jerome some slack on the risk he took against Dartmouth to widen the rotation to give some of the younger guys more experience. He might have reacted earlier than he did during Dartmouth's outlandish 18-3 run. But I understood his thinking and frankly I like seeing Rennard and Kukoc playing meaningful minutes. Did he take that a bit too far? Yes. But was thinking off? No.
    His timing? Perhaps. Especially in retrospect.

    And I ask the Buzz readers: why has Mike Howlett, never the soft mentality that Schreiber was, not developed into one of Penn's better big men EVER? What's he lacking? I don't see it. Honestly. To me, that guy should have been one of Penn's best big in many years. Help me out. What am I missing?

  5. From what I have heard, Mike Howlett has been injury-prone. To keep him available for all the games, they control his minutes, perhaps too much, but that is what I assume the problem to be.

  6. @Steve Becker: Penn 7277 hit the Howlett issue for the most part; He is injury prone. I'm not sure if he's battling anything specific currently, but I do know that he's also dealt with some debilitating cramps in the past. I sat in the stands during one game earlier this season and watched him writhe in pain as he and one of the trainers rubbed his legs down with ice bags to work out the cramps immediately after he was subbed out.

    I'm not sure if this is an issue he struggles with regularly, but I think he just gives all of his effort in the limited minutes that he's in and then has to come out for some rest.

  7. Thanks for the feedback, Calder. Still, it would be nice to get something more substantive from Coach Allen. I am telling you, as you yourself have probably seen from your own astute perspective, that Howlett is no ordinary stiff--he's tough as nails and way more mobile than most Ivy big men. So to me it's a real story that Jerome and staff have NOT presided over his development. If injuries are the main explanation, how bout we ferret that out? Surely it's not from Howlett's lack of game and toughness?

    Also, memo to Jerome Allen, as per his press game comments post the Dartmouth win: Princeton's win over Harvard WAS big news, Coach.
    Princeton did you guys a GIANT favor, taking care of the business you HAD to but couldn't, and for that, you ought to be grateful to them. All us Penn fans are grateful to Princeton for keeping Penn in the race.
    I get the cliche response, Coach. But get real: that was unbelievable news, and now it's on you, and the boys, to capitalize on that outrageous gift Princeton just to handed to you. Don't downplay it, like it's a stupid question from a reporter. Don't patronize the reporter. Pissed off as you should be at your team, for playing like wusses against Dartmouth, you should be proportionately and OPENLY appreciative of what Princeton accomplished for YOU.

    Now let's go to Harvard and win there, remembering they don't have Jeremy Lin anymore. Maybe Bernadini will sink a three in that game, God forbid?

  8. Steven -- Thank you for your above contribution with regards to the Allen news conference.

    Allen's attitude and demeanor following the game were as poor as his team's D- performance against pitiful Dartmouth

    Chalk that up as a mistake by a young Coach still trying to sow his seeds

    Many times this season, Allen has not been up to snuff.

    He needs to be called out for this.


  9. I believe the above poster was correct, that Howlett suffers from an ongoing problem with cramps.

    Anyone who has been to games has seen him sitting on the floor stretching and icing his legs while out of the game. He should be applauded for toughing it out during his senior campaign and playing as hard (and often) as he has been.

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