Week 11 Ivy Power Rankings

5 thoughts on “Week 11 Ivy Power Rankings

  1. At times, i feel the coverage of Penn MBB is dangerous blend.

    There is the fan/rooting interest and then the journalism/reporting angle.

    References to the "Quake Show" on the surface appear to be more of the fan/rooting angle.

    While we want all the team to succeed and continue the turnaround, what is the right balance to achieve here?

    I welcome the thoughts of our Sports Editors here, in a very transparent candid way -- a la Lauren Plotnick when she challenged you all to "Raise the Bar"

    Look forward to the contributions of Megan, Silcox, Kevin, Brian K Mike W, Alyssa, Sush, Jen Scut, and Lucas O'Connor on this topic


  2. @FOJL -- The "Quake Show" is just something we've been calling the team in the power rankings. In fact, I don't even know how it started. But, at least for me, it's just another substitute for "Quakers" that we can use in a less formal feature such as this. It wouldn't appear in an article or column.

  3. @Mike: Thank you for the contribution.

    I appreciate the sentiment, but your content is as inconsistent as the efforts of Penn Athletics marketing.

    Back in the heyday of DP online content, during the era of the legendary Noah Rosenstein (NR), there was no sympathy for such frivolous colloquialisms!

  4. I believe Brian Seltzer calls them "The Quakes" every now and then. Don't know about "Quake Show"

  5. Mike W -- Thanks for the explanation.

    And of course, always good to hear from ZK

    I look forward to keeping this dialogue going with regards to the balance between objective journalism and the rooting interest of the student body

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