Rosen’s bucket after the buzzer?

As I was looking back through the DP's film of Saturday night's game, I couldn't help but notice some damning evidence of how poor the officiating was for the Penn-Harvard game. Below is a freeze frame from our game tape from the final second of the first overtime. As you might remember, Zack Rosen hit a clutch two-pointer to send the game into a second OT. The tapes don't lie — the ball is still clearly in Rosen's hand as the buzzer-light goes off.

It doesn't really matter now, the game is history, and the result was still a Crimson win. If anything, this just proves the famous "Saturday Night referee" phenomenon in the Ivy League.


9 thoughts on “Rosen’s bucket after the buzzer?

  1. We've had some technical problems uploading the video. It's ready to go, so hopefully we'll get it up at some point today.

  2. RE: Saturday Ivy Refs

    QuakerBall tracks who officiated the games so we now know that in Penn's critical showdown against a top-flight free throw shooting team, the referee who was likely responsible for the majority of the foul calls was Art Jackson (Top 10 in the nation in fouls per game) and that the referee standing there gawking at Rosen as the ball is in his hand after the light went off was not Art Jackson (scroll to the bottom):

  3. Sorry, I was referring to the Ref behind the basket, not the ref in the foreground, the referee in the foreground could conceivably be Art Jackson, though it's hard to tell considering he's not wearing a number.

  4. Real time, I thought Penn got the benefit of two bad calls on the buzzer beaters (the foul in regulation seemed to be before the horn, Rosen's shot after). For some reason that makes me feel better about the horrendous jump ball call in double overtime.

  5. Believe it or not, Art Jackson was not the official responsible for some of the worst Saturday night calls I've seen in years. The official at fault was the lighter skinned African American, not Art. I'm not sure which of the other two he is though. One could say that the reason Harvard got to the line so much in the second half and OT(s) is because this guy was stationed on the baseline underneath Harvard's basket, but every single first half call he made went Harvard's way as well, so that can't be it. All we can ask is that they call it both ways. That most certainly did not happen on Saturday, Rosen's non-buzzer beater aside.

  6. I said right away when this happened that they missed the call. I figured the refs were making up for how badly we got screwed the rest of the game. (Not that I'm biased or anything.)

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