Liveblog: M. Hoops – Penn vs. St. Joe’s

This is it — the final Big 5 game of the year, and the last chance for Penn's seniors to win a Big 5 game in their careers. The Quakers tip off with the hawks at 7 p.m., follow along as Matt Flegenheimer and Ike Onyeador bring you live game updates from the Palestra.

See the liveblog below, or Click Here to open it in a new window.

6 thoughts on “Liveblog: M. Hoops – Penn vs. St. Joe’s

  1. Allow me to add some major shoutouts here to Matt and Ike

    In addition to the big win over the B5 rival, these two produced a grand slam live chat.

    Both of these guys really know their hoops. Ike, in particular, was terrific in providing info about how Penn would change defensive looks. Terrific stuff from both gents.


  2. Patolds & FOJL -

    Additional shoutout: Attendance 8,000+ To borrow a line from "When Harry Met Sally" in the opening restaurant scene applied to Palestra games the rest of the season, "I'll have what she's having!"


  3. will you guys put any video of the game up? i've been looking everywhere and can't find any kind of highlights (besides tannenwald's 4:30 clip of interviews and analysis with 2 very short, boring 'highlights')

  4. Finally- Unfortunately we were short staffed Saturday night and couldn't send a videographer.

  5. alright, thanks for responding! i was just hoping to relive some of the better moments of that game (like the attendance and conor's slam at the end), but the experience itself was amazing

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