LIVE BLOG: Penn football @ Bucknell

Hey everyone, this is Megan Soisson at Christy Mathewson Memorial Stadium in Lewisburg, Pa., where the Quakers are getting ready to take on Bucknell. Follow along with me below.

4 thoughts on “LIVE BLOG: Penn football @ Bucknell

  1. Everyone

    Megan S did a terrific job today. She deserves to be acknowledged for her
    excellent coverage of the game action, but for also providing some insights
    to the crowd and Penn turnout.

    And she even answered questions from the chatters -- which is a refreshing
    change from some others (who shall remain nameless) who put their name on
    these pages!

    Great job today by the team (as expected). And Kudos to Megan.


  2. On another note, our new star reporter Megan has the byline for the Penn FB story in today's Philadelphia Inquirer.

    Once again, shout out to Megan for this accomplishment.

    Not to be a "downer" or to take away from Megan's EXCELLENT game story in the Inquirer, but the question needs to be asked: Is Penn FB so unimportant these days that the local hometown newspaper cannot send a reporter to Bucknell (not around the corner, but certainly doable in a day)?

    What does this say about relevance of Penn FB? How does the AD feel that his program does not warrant a paid reporter from the largest paper in the city?

    Just posing these questions, and hoping to start some dialogue on this issue. Perhaps we can hear from Noah or Michael Gold about this issue.


  3. FOJL,

    From my understanding, the reporter that the Inquirer had assigned to cover the Penn/Bucknell game was called away for a family emergency; Megan was asked to cover for the Inquirer on very short notice.

  4. Mike - Thanks for the update. Good thing Megan is competent and capable to produce a nice story for the Inquirer.

    I appreicate the follow-up and the answer. Its nice to know that some on this staff actually respond to a question!!!


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