Wes Saunders to Harvard

Scout.com's Evan Daniels is reporting that Wes Saunders gave Harvard a verbal commitment.

8 thoughts on “Wes Saunders to Harvard

  1. Someone in a previous post mentioned, in reference to Penn's Class of 2014, that Glen Miller deserved a lot of credit because recruiting really begins with kids in their junior year of HS. Is Penn's apparent struggles in nabbing some recruits this year possibly related to the fact that, during a coaching transition, we were focusing on retaining those recruits and not establishing connections with any top juniors? Or is it more a matter of pure roster size — Penn doesn't have the space on its team to bring in many recruits this year because of the huge class that came in last year?

  2. Noah - it can't be a matter of roster size. Nor do I think it has anything to do with lack of focus by the coaching staff. Rather it is that the recruits so far are finding Harvard more attractive than Penn.

    And that is a damning statement.

    A year ago some other poster speculated that things would be fine at WH if there was a turnaround in our flagship sport, basketball. Ironically, there is plenty of evidence of improvement in a number of sports - for example our soccer teams - but it remains to be seen how long it will take to turnaround the basketball team.

  3. Rodney nailed it again.

    We are still seeing the downside of the ill-fated hire of Miller (and Patrick Knapp for that matter) by the current AD

    There is a current buzz, pardon the term, externally that Penn is a DEAD end for
    recruits that are now going elsewhere - such as Harvard and Cornell.

    The challenge becomes for JA to rebuild this bridge that SJB has put him on.

    Hopefully it will not be long for the MBB program to regain its footing, or some terra firma, again.


  4. For Michael Gold -

    Sorry to have to post here, as his post on "Buzz Commenting" accepts no comments.

    Speaking for myself and Regime Change, we don't approve of ad hominum attacks either on The Buzz or in Regime Change. At times we may take strong issue with someone's stated position or action, in which case the onus is on us to back it up. We expect the same from other posters as well!

    The above said, there's a bit of sanctimony in Michael's post, unintended to be sure. Michael, have you ever read the comments on your sister blog "Under the Button"? Posts and comments there, including the loose throwing around of expletives (occasionally on the front page of the DP as well) makes all 29 comments on Silcox October 5 post tame by comparison. Do the two blogs have separate policies? Note too that traffic at Under the Button seems to exceed that on The Buzz.

    As for Silcox himself, whether he chooses to engage or not is his business. I believe he is a fine reporter, capable of great stuff. If he chooses not to engage, it will not be because he is a shrinking violet, afraid of being grilled by tough but reasonable questions. It would do him a disservice for anyone to suggest it.

    My issue with Silcox is one of balance, and reluctance to respond to some rather obvious news and reasonable questions raised by the very posts he introduced beginning with his September 30 "Recruiting Files". Their ownership is his, and I would have expected the responsibility to respond was also his.


  5. Yet another GRAND SLAM hit by Ernie. Bravo!

    I echo the sentiments and wish Silcox could have stepped it up a bit. Perhaps a learning experience for all parties concerned - both the readers and the kids who toil for the DP while balancing the demands of a Penn UG lifestyle.


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