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Hey everyone, it's Lauren Plotnick and you will be following along live with me as I cover the Penn's Ivy Opener at Yale.

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  1. Lauren, very entertaining coverage of the game. Great job! I like your style.

    Cornell, which crushed Dartmouth tonight, played 19 kids! No sh*t, 19 guys played! And almost every one of them scored! I believe they pulled a tuba player from the stands, who canned a late free throw.

    I love it. What do they have, like 23 guys on the squad? 30? But what a great rotation--19 guys.

    Clearly, Penn lost this game because Zack Rosen played only 37 minutes. Coach Allen's benching him for three minutes was the fatal mistake. Had Rosen played 40 minutes, the whole game is different--Penn wins easily. We all know that, right?

    What Penn needs, let's be honest, is for Kentucky's John Wall to transfer.

    Seriously, I propose Penn make a trade with Cornell. With Cornell's roster full at a whopping 28, Penn can offer it 10 of its current players (bloating its roster to 38) for the right to one of Cornell's 17 incoming freshmen recruits.

    That would leave Cornell's cupboard full next season, at a healthy 54 kids (and new NCAA basketball record)!

    Cornell could then play 35 guys next year against Dartmouth, instead of just 19.

  2. Steven: Thank you for the contribution.

    I concur that Lauren Plotnick did an excellent job with her live blogging of the game. Her style was fun, upbeat, and she added some fun insight that we all benefited from. Kudos to Lauren!

    The DP really has a great team assembled now for the second term - Noah R, Zach K, Eli, Ari S, Neil F, Michael Gold, and now Lauren.

    The bad news however was the awful performance by the team. Once again, its just not enough.

    In addition to getting John Wall to transfer and making the trade with Cornell (as per Steven's suggestions) , the University must act swiftly to replace Steve Bilsky. He is the man responsible for this horror show.

    Also, let the record show that The Bronzed One never showed up to seat with Lauren. Its ashame, because being the fine young journalist that she is - she would have grilled him.

    Lastly, I am anxious to hear the positive spin that Gensler and his delusional cronies (Statman Suss and Co) will put on this loss. Something like how "Dan Monctkon had a good stickback" and "Turley played hard and didnt quit on one play".


  3. Cripes.

    If the best we can come up with in a game against a mediocre Ivy team is that Lauren did a fantastic job on the play-by-play, we are doomed.

  4. Rodney - Lauren's running commentary was actually very good. She even sprinkled in some tidbits about the Chi Omega ladies who made the trip to New Haven.

    And yes, we are doomed.

    I did pick up on something which I brought up last night. Allen has absolutely ZERO in-game interaction with Martin and Gallagher. No communication or collaboration. I wonder if those two have mailed it in.
    Noah said he would investigate. I think this is an interesting angle. I cannot comment on the VinMan. Perhaps he is making in-game notes on his Daily Racing Form.

    So the bottom line:
    We stink
    Bilsky must go
    More Plotnick


  5. Great job by Lauren. My only critique would be her favorable review of Allen's wardrobe. Narrow pants, short suit jacket - Haven't seen tailoring like that since Gerry and Pacemakers wore it while they sang "Ferry Cross the Mersey" in 1964.

    Now that Jerome is paid regularly, a visit to Boyd's would be in order, or at least, Men's Warehouse.

  6. Kishin - Great to hear from you. Perhaps DDVM can lend Allen some $ for his shopping spree. We all know that Bilsky is cheap, so hopefully the Vinman's winnings from today's card at Gulfstream and Aqueduct can bank roll some threads. I did see, however, that Oaklawn has cancelled the races today.

    You do need to work in an Oaklawn trip at some point. Its always a fun weekend down in Hot Springs, Ark


  7. I just learned from the Daily Sun that Cornell's added six more of its own to their basketball roster--three recruited from a history class, two from a seminar in Chinese literature, and one from of a creative writing workshop.

    Head coach Donahue said, "We'll suit up 34 tonight, and I expect to play anywhere from 25-29 kids, depending on the flow of the game. I liked what we did with 19 contributors against Dartmouth last night."

    Donahue likes the insurance of 20 extra kids on the roster, he said, because "look at what happened to Penn. Fifteen of their guys went down in the last two years. That's cautionary."

    Donahue said he "felt for Penn, but not really."

    Regarding Glen Miller's firing last month, he added, "I feel for him, I really do...but not really."

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