WSJ long on Ivy hyperbole

Personally, I think The Wall Street Journal's rhetoric is a bit over the top on this one. But an article in Wednesday's paper says that the Ivy League may just have "[t]he game of the year in college basketball."

The essence:

Saturday's game between Harvard (13-3) and Cornell (16-3)—and the scheduled rematch on Feb. 19 at Harvard—will bring a sense of urgency that this sport is unaccustomed to, at least before March. For the first time—arguably ever—the Ivy League has two legitimate NCAA Tournament-caliber teams.

But given the conference's diminished standing, it's all but certain that only one of them—the eventual Ivy champion—will get there.

The Ivy League has never sent more than one team to the Dance.

10 thoughts on “WSJ long on Ivy hyperbole

  1. Personally, plenty of us are still waiting for you to retract your
    childish and callous comment about Zach Gordon.

    Its no wonder that you are losing credibility among the followers
    of this blog.


  2. "Plenty of us?"

    He made a mistake. My guess is that he's sorry, but that this young man has chosen to ignore you than succumb to your bullying. Nothing like a making a college kid's life uncomfortable, huh? Get over yourself.

  3. Sam -Thank you for the contribution. But how come young David will not acknowledge his mistake? Those immature remarks will not fly in the workplace. He needs to have this reinforced and David needs to take full responsibility for this.

    I dont think someone who aspires to be affiliated with MLB (among others) would like to be known as the new kid who thinks its permissible to be calling Zach Gordon a SUPERJEW.


  4. maybe because nobody cares about what you have to say. you obviously are extremely bitter and clearly have your own agenda against anyone connected to the university

  5. Joe - Thank you for the contributions. I am not bitter, I am merely honest and candid.

    Futher, there are many wonderful people connected with the University.

    I do believe David is one of them. He just needs to right his wrong.


  6. Yo FOJL. You made your point a long time ago. Even those among us who agreed with you are beginning to see you as whiny and bordering on childishly petulant. Give it a break.

  7. Jronn - Thank you for the contributions. Your point is duly noted. Looking for the closure from the originator of the issue

  8. What can we do so we all get along?

    Community building exercise?

    Something like the East Coast / West Coast rappers summit so this war of words doesn't escalate into something worse?

  9. Rodney - Thank you for the contribution. Perhaps we can engaged the bronzed one to lead the online community building exercise. He obviously thinks thats a good idea. I do tend to agree with him, although it seems a bit over-emphasized coming out of Weightman Hall. The teams, on the whole, are still down. The stands are empty. And the fundraising $$$ are not there. So while SJB continues to blow smoke up the posterior of the alumni about bonding and community, the issue remains the same: Regime Change is needed. And a housecleaning is needed to weed out the dead weight that is polluting the air on 33d street (including Uhlhorn, Roth, Felici, and Mahoney)

    Regarding the rapper comment, I would prefer to be Biggee in the EC/WC wars. The other men can be Tupac and his crew. Or is it Cru?


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