Sorry, UTB

Our frenemies over at UTB are perhaps the only people who follow the career of Mark DeRosa more closely than we do. They campaigned to make the former Penn two-sport standout our Commencement speaker, then lobbied for the Phillies to sign him this off-season.

Well, yesterday, DeRosa -- who recently gave an exclusive interview to the DP -- signed a two-year deal with the San Francisco Giants (who, by the way, are in California throughout the graduation festivities).

News that the sides were close to agreement was first reported by's Ken Rosenthal, a DP alum with whom we also caught up not long ago.

DeRosa, 35  by Opening Day, is a .275 career hitter with 92 homers and 430 RBIs. He is the fourth-leading passer in Quakers football history, and played baseball here too, of course, before the Atlanta Braves drafted him in 1996

17 thoughts on “Sorry, UTB

  1. Why no mention of DeRosa's religion?

    Why no mention of Rosenthal's religion?
    He apparently is also Jewish, so why no mention of him as a SUPERJEW?

    Still awaiting your retraction or apology for the inappropriate remark
    about Gordon.

    Not good D(B)GP. Not good.

  2. Rodney: Excellent question. Perhaps this is where Gensler learned his "Tattling" skills. Further, maybe he learned to jock-sniff the players the way Kenny does constantly.


  3. Looking forward to the comment from David G-P that the Northern NJ area is known for its many Jewish residents.


  4. DeRosa went to Bergen Catholic. Several of my friends went there also. BC sends quite a number of its graduates to Penn. Last I checked, BC lacks the Jewish demographic. Other high schools in northern NJ make up for it, though.

  5. Rodney: I believe the Buzz is planning on doing a post-New Year full breakdown on the entire Northern NJ/NYC/Rockland/Westchester area for all Jewish students.

    David has a full multi-media presentation on this topic as he feels its important to weave religion into his blog posts.


  6. He misguidedly made a bad and probably inappropriate joke in one post. It is now, however, part of every one of yours. Please give the kid a break.

  7. Sam: I agree with your assessment that David made a BAD and completely inappropriate comment with regards to religion. I am eagerly awaiting the retraction and/or an apology from the young man. He knows better..

  8. Not to be overly sententious (and I do enjoy the humorous tone of this blog), but I'm history until I read a retraction/apology..not that anyone would mourn my passing.

  9. Kishin: I think it would be a monumental loss should you disappear. Sadly, I dont think that the author fully understands the impact he has caused.

    I hope young Gurian-Peck heeds the warning. He knows better.


  10. Guess who Vince Curran's replacement is?

    I will need a report on the replacement's performance.

  11. Rodney: Apparently its our friend Mahoney. At least for this game. Hopefully this is not a long term situation.


  12. It may be for the foreseeable future. The current economic situation does force belt tightenings you know.

    I'm willing to give Mike the benefit of the doubt. I expect a full report on his performance.

  13. Sadly, Mahoney knows this team quite well. Lets just say the bar has been set pretty low

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