Random Ivy notes for 11/18

1) Why is Howard upseting Oregon St., 47-45, worth posting here on a blog dedicated to Penn sports?  It's not for the requisite references to Beavers head coach Craig Robinson's famous in-law (if you don't know who I'm talking about you clearly have never read an article that mentioned Craig Robinson). It is because the two coaches -- Robinson and Bison coach Gil Jackson -- have Ivy League ties. Robinson not only was an assistant under Glen Miller and then his replacement at Brown, but he also played for Princeton in the 1980's. Jackson, meanwhile, served as an assistant coach at Penn under Fran Dunphy for 16 years.

2) Here's a quick rundown of "Morning Madness," as Penn travels to Drexel today at 10 a.m. for the first time in school history.

3) I wanted to get the Week 1 poll results of the Schuylkill 16 out before the Drexel game, as it's clearly the biggest S-16 game of the week.  After the jump, my week 1 votes.

Week 1 Rankings (preseason rank in parantheses)

  1. Villanova (1)
  2. Temple (3)
  3. St. Joseph’s (2)
  4. Rutgers (9)
  5. Lehigh (13)
  6. Lafayette (12)
  7. Penn State (4)
  8. Drexel (8)
  9. Penn (10)
  10. La Salle (6)
  11. Delaware (11)
  12. Rider (5)
  13. Bucknell (7)
  14. Monmouth (15)
  15. Princeton (14)
  16. Delaware St. (16)

In general, I did these rankings solely based on what the teams did this past weekend, not exactly who I think will have better seasons down the road.

For example, Temple's only loss was to 3-0 Clemson in South Carolina by four. That impressed me enough to vault them over St. Joe's, who was only 1-1 (although the loss was in OT to Holy Cross).  Also, Bucknell might be better than Lafayette or Lehigh, but they lost to Maryland by 31.

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