FINAL: Drexel 66, Penn 64

FINAL: Drexel 66, Penn 64

Rodgers misses a free throw, keeping it at one possession. Rosen tries to do too much and is forced into a corner where he jacks up a three that falls well short...but he's fouled. The frosh will go to the line needing to sink all three to tie it up. Rosen misses the first. Makes the second. Lewis comes in to board. Rosen clanks the last, Lewis gets the board, gets it to Votel who has to awkwardly force up a hook that falls short. Game over.

00:14.7 2nd Half -- Drexel 65, Penn 63

Neisler misses both and Votel boards it. Rosen runs downcourt and spins, dishing to Egee in the corner who hits nothing but net with a hand in his face. The Red and Blue Crew tells the ref: "You have 15 seconds, try not to fuck this up." His reponse? "I'll do my best."

00:25.1 2nd Half -- Drexel 65, Penn 60

Harris makes the second. Belcore flies downcourt and Rosen sets up the offense. Bernardini gets partially blocked on a drive but the ball falls back to him. He's out of control and under pressure under the basket and Drexel collects the board and a trip to the line.

00:45.9 2nd Half -- Drexel 64, Penn 60

After a scramble for the ball, the refs give Drexel possession -- and a full shot-clock. Miller is irate as are most of the Penn fans in the crowd. The refs look at the replay and set it to 4, forcing a bad shot from Drexel after the inbounds. But once again, the Dragons clean up the miss and Penn is forced to foul Jamie Harris. Harris misses the first and Miller calls timeout.

1:17 2nd Half -- Drexel 64, Penn 60

My browser couldn't have picked a better time to crash. Oh well. This one's being played from the foul lines right now, and it's not impressing ESPN. One of two seems to be the norm.

1:40 2nd Half -- Drexel 64, Penn 59

3:07 2nd Half -- Drexel 62, Penn 57

Miller wants a walk but instead, Loughery gets called for a foul. The Red and Blue Crew taunts Tribbett at the line, making "Ribbitt" frog-calls. He misses both. Hmmmm...

Votel gets called for his fourth and Tribbett returns to the stripe, and knocks both down. Maybe the "Ribbitt" taunts and him missing were just a coincidence. You decide.

Votel misses two from the line; this has been a pitiful shooting performance from Penn. That said, he skies for an easy lay-in off a miss and Drexel keeps missing shots, keeping it close.

5:23 2nd Half -- Drexel 60, Penn 55

Bernardini goes for a sweet up-and-under in the lane after two free throws from Drexel. Hawthorne one-ups him with a drive that culminates in a soft floater off the glass.

7:04 2nd Half -- Drexel 56, Penn 50

Hawthorne slows it down and the Dragons start passing up on open three to drive, which is drawing fouls from Penn. Eggleston picks up his fifth and is gone.

7:29 2nd Half -- Drexel 56, Penn 50

In a bit of a switch, Bernardini drives and dishes to Eggleston for a three. Meanwhile, Drexel is having a tough time finding the basket, but an Egee airball gives them two points on the other end.

9:51 2nd Half -- Drexel 51, Penn 45

Rosen gets his first points as an NCAA athlete, swishing both tries from the line and picks up a board off a Hawthorne miss. Votel steps around his defender on the perimeter and beats him the basket for two. We're going back and forth for the lead and both the Drexel student and Red and Blue Crew are jumping. But Lewis turns it over and Hawthorne goes the length of the court -- and behind his back -- to beat Gaines for the hoop and the harm. Votel gets aggressive, posting up and fading away, drawing another foul. But he only makes one and Drexel makes two -- not a good equation for Penn.

11:41 2nd Half -- Drexel 44, Penn 40

The game is slowing down now. Both teams are missing but neither is getting its transition game going. Gaines' cold-shooting continues, but Rodgers gets called for his second foul (although Tommy McMahon yells: "Four! That's four!"). The Dragons are racking up bad fouls now; Penn just needs to get to the line. Drexel slows it down as Penn continues to eat into the its lead. Rosen heads to the line for two.

14:57 2nd Half -- Drexel 42, Penn 38

Egee gets another tough two and then a board on the other end. Bernardini slips between Drexel's bigs and tips in a Rosen miss.

15:38 2nd Half -- Drexel 42, Penn 34

Pair of quick fouls on the Dragons and Bernardini comes off a screen at the elbow for his second three of the game. All the calls are going Penn's way now, as Drexel gets called for a foul on the offensive boards and then another one on defense. Bernardini plays a little give-and-go with Votel, who scores on an easy layup. But Jamie Harris gets open against Penn's zone and knocks down a three.

17:05 2nd Half -- Drexel 39, Penn 29

The Red and Blue Crew's shot-clock shenanigans may not work, but Penn's zone finally does, forcing a 35-second violation. But wait, Eggleston is called for a foul as the clock hits 0 and Drexel gets it back, but can't do anything other than give Penn a transition bucket. The Dragons' Evan Neisler comes right back with a three-point play. Turley is in now and quickly gets called for a foul. Votel clanks a pair of putbacks and Lewis comes in for Turley.

HALFTIME -- Apparently ESPN's Andy Katz picked Yale to win the Ivy League during the halftime show. Curious where that one's coming from.

HALFTIME -- Drexel 34, Penn 27

A Drexel fan triumphantly waves a trophy with a "33rd Street" sign slapped on it at the Red and Blue crew, who are seated right behind us. Rosen misses the first of a one-and-one. Off a Drexel miss, Egee goes coast to coast and absorbs contact for a tough layup. He follows that up with a three from the corner on the next possession, and the Red and Blue is pumped up. Votel relieves Eggleston while Jamie Harris goes to the line. He makes the first. Gaines continues to be just off with his shots. Tommy McMahon slaps Brennan Votel on the butt as he inbounds, but the good-luck charm doesn't work -- the Quakers are called for a questionable offensive foul, giving the Dragons another trip -- now the double-bonus -- to the charity stripe. Givens makes one of two. Loughery, who has seen lots of minutes, heads to the line but can't capitalize on the first of the bonus. With 7.9 left on the clock, Rosen drives down and Eggleston misses a three.

Halftime stats:

Leading scorers

Penn -- Kevin Egee, 11

Penn -- Brennan Votel, 6

Drexel -- Gerald Colds, 8

Drexel -- Tramayne Hawthorne, 8

FG pct.: Penn 36.7 (11-30), Drexel 38.2 (13-34)

3-pt pct.: Penn 22.2 (2-9), Drexel 30.8 (4-13)

FT pct.: Penn 37.5 (3-8), Drexel 40.0 (4-10)

Rebounds: Penn 18 (3 offensive), Drexel 25 (8 offensive)

2nd chance points: Penn 2, Drexel 13

3:46 1st Half -- Drexel 32, Penn 20

Rodgers slices through Penn's D, NBA Live-style, for a nice layup. Drexel gets called for its sixth foul, a shooting one, and Votel goes to the line for two. He misses both, and though Bernardini finally gets his first points of the contest, Hawthorne answers with a three and Cofield gets called for a charge going back down the court. This is starting to remind me of last year's season opener. Eggleston ices both of his free throws, nothing but net on the one-and-one.

7:51 1st Half -- Drexel 25, Penn 15

Cam Lewis checks in, presumably to give the Red and Blue more presence on the defensive blocks. He makes an immediate impact, picking up an offensive board and dishing to a driving Gaines for a bucket. Then, Gaines maneuvers through a double-team and goes baseline for another basket. Loose ball foul on the Dragons and Penn is showing signs of I say that, Gaines gets greedy and gets called for a push-off, which gives Drexel a bucket, and then a steal of the subsequent inbounds. Lewis is forced to foul Jamie Harris, who makes both at the line. Rosen comes back in to calm things down and finds Lewis in the post, but his shot is blocked giving the Dragons another transition bucket. Hawthorne gets shaken up and limps off the court, but under his own power. We'll see if he returns. Cofield comes in for Egee now.

Halftime stats:

10:45 1st Half -- Drexel 19, Penn 11

Rob Belcore comes in for Penn. The Quakers' zone gives Rodgers an open look from downtown, and though he misses, he cleans it up himself for two. Belcore hits a three -- against the side of the backboard. Ugly.

11:54 1st Half -- Drexel 15, Penn 11

Despite the timeout, Penn's trapping zone looks like its working...until Hawthorne is found in the corner for a knockdown three. Gaines is back in, now for Rosen; Loughery checks in for his first appearance as well and promptly forces one up from deep in the post.

13:08 1st Half -- Drexel 12, Penn 11

Egee comes in for Gaines, who has missed three shots thus far. The Dragons' man defense is frustrating Bernardini, who hasn't gotten a look yet. Egge drives baseline for two and then grabs a board on the other end. Bernardini comes off a screen at the top of the key but misses, and Colds makes an open trey in transition. After a nice steal in the post, Penn moves it well and Votel picks up an easy lay-in under the bucket. Penn is ratcheting up the defensive intensity now, as another steal yields an Egee basket. Drexel timeout.

15:33 1st Half -- Drexel 9, Penn 5

Penn wins the tip and immediately goes into their high motion offense, giving Eggleston a clear path to the basket. He gets fouled by Tribbett but only makes one. Gerald Colds responds by taking advantage of Penn's zone for a triple. Rosen forces a shot from the top of the arc and Drexel brings it down the court for two. Bernardini gets called for an offensive foul. Penn looks rushed right now; luckily for it, Drexel is missing shots. Eggleston drives again and makes a nice spin move for an easy layup. Lots of back-and-forth action now but both teams are missing their open shots. Votel misses a block-out and Yannick Formbor puts back an offensive board and draws the and-1.

Brandon Moyse here on a beautiful Tuesday morning for basketball -- not that it matters in the quaint confines of the DAC, Penn's first-ever visit to the Dragons' home court. We just sat through one of the strangest renditions of the National Anthem this side of Rosanne, and the starting lineups are about to be announced.


F Brennan Votel

F Jack Eggleston

G Harrison Gaines

G Zack Rosen

G Tyler Bernardini


G Scott Rodgers

G Gerald Colds

G Jamie Harris

F Kenny Tribbett

F Evan Neisler

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